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B.S., St. John Fisher College, Rochester, NY, 1976.
Certificate in Data Processing Northeastern University, Boston, MA, 1984.


Extensive coding experience in the following industries; Finance, Transportation, Utilities and Insurance. Experience with relational (MySQL, DB2 & IDMS) & hiercle (IMS) Data Repositories. Creation of application solutions that utilize the strengths of Legacy Programming and WEB technology.



Web: Java 2 on J2EE 1.4 platform and IBM WebSphere Application Server(WSAD) , MySQL, JavaScript & HTML , CSS, Informatica(Data Integration) & Teradata SQL Assistant 6.2., VISIO, Word, IBM's AFP Workbench for Windows NT, & APS(MFEE).

MVS/XA, DOS, DOS Commands, JCL, DB2, IMS/DLI, IDMS, VSAM, COBOL/370, VS-COBOL-II, VS-COBOL, OS-PLI, CICS (COMMAND-LEVEL), TSO/ISPF, 370 ASSEMBLER, AFP (PMF, PPFA, OGL), IDCAMS, SQL, SPUFI, QMF, Expeditor, GDDM/MVS, GDDM-PGF, Abend-Aid, File-Aid, C-LIST, REXX, GAMMA/ADW(Case Technology), APS(Case Technology), SDF2, Dialog Manager, DB2/VSAM Utilities, ChangeMan, On Demand for OS/390, MQ Series Messaging, NearArchive, Xenos Software, Endevor & ISPF Screens.

Archaic Mainframe sub specialties:

VSAM File Processing, Dialog Manager Screens and GDDM programming(Main frame graphics).
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February, 1989 to PRESENT - INDEPENDENT CONTRACT PROGRAMMER (Point & Click for additional information).

June, 1987 - February, 1989, GTE Shareholder Services, Boston, Ma.. P/A
Developed, implemented and tested modifications to employee stock options/pension applications (batch/on-line, COBOL/IBM MVS environment) data extracted from IDMS (network database) & VSAM files. Changes included: Addition of AFP resources (i.e. PageDefs/FormDefs & Overlays) to existing batch print jobs, Creation of a File Transfer Subsystem: Implemented system that provided for file transfer between IBM mainframe and PC applications. Additionally responsible for IRS magnetic media reporting requirements. Required interpretation of IRS publications and coordination of IRS user efforts.

June 1986 - February 1987, Travelers Insurance Company, Hartford, Ct.. Programmer
Designed and implemented insurance applications using COBOL in an IBM 3090 MVS/XA environment. Applications made extensive use of DCF, GML, OGL and Script/VS, PMF.

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Chronological Employment History/Additional Data:

25* 09/23 - Current Date, Long term project to support legacy applications and future projected expansion of current system to a client/server-MVS environment (J2EE, .net or VB). Envionment: APS-MFEE/DB2/ENDEVOR/ISPF-Dialog Manager.

Preparing for next contract, 03/12 07/12

24* 10/11 - 3/12, Six month contract to create DB2 objects on demand i.e. SQL code for batch programs interactive queries. COBOL 370/DB2/Changeman.

Physical Therapy, recovering from job(airport) injury. 08/11 09/11

23* 03/11 - 7/11, Four month contract to migrate the CX Credit Reporting application from Wachovia Silas Mainframe to the Wells Fargo Shoreview Mainframe Environment. Contract cut due to funding loss, last miniute reprieve extended till 7/07 - Completion of project. COBOL 370/DB2/Endevor.

Travel, Study & Physical Therapy, job injury. Upgrading J2EE/DB2 skills & recovering from job injury. 03/10 02/11

22* 09/09 - 02/10, Six month contract, providing production support for the MED System. COBOL 370/IDMS.

Preparing for next contract. 01/09 08/09

21* 07/08 - 01/09, As a contractor designed, coded and tested new Data Warehouse core tables & business views to include paid commission data for both Accrued & Actual Pay transactions. COBOL 370/DB2./IMS/Informatica.
Insurance/Data Warehousing

Preparing for next contract. 12/07 6/08

20* 06/07 - 11/07, Legacy Billing/Enrollment Systems.
Insurance/Billing & Enrollments

19* 05/04 - 05/07, CIBA System Maintenance. Software involved batch COBOL/DB2/Java 2 (J2EE 1.4 platform). & Websphere.
Specific Tasks:
- Redesigned customer billing statement, enhancing statement readability and adding the ability to target a specific audience. - Designed and developed a Java/J2EE based web application that enabled meter personel to extract meter readings from DB2 tables.
- Designed and developed Java/J2EE based web application for various company reports.
- Designed and developed a Java/J2EE based web application that enabled meter personnel to extract meter readings from DB2 tables.

18* 02/04 - 04/04, Assisting a Database-Driven Web Site Using PHP and MySQL
Software development.

17* 09/03 - 02/04, Modified existing financial system to transfer credit card data processing to 3rd party.

Preparing for next contract. 063/03 08/08

16* 02/03 - 05/03, On-Line Telephone Billing System, conversion from OS2 to MVS.
Finance Systems

Preparing for next contract. 01/03 01/08

15* 08/02 - 12/02, Legacy Check/Confirmation Printing System. Short term project, Modified existing program; landscape to portrait and use of CTX records vice Preprinted forms.
Finance Systems

14* 04/02 - 08/02, Legacy HR Systems. Project involved batch COBOL/DB2/SQR Code modification.
Utilities/HR Systems

13* 10/01 - 04/02, Legacy Billing/Enrollment Systems.
Insurance/Billing & Enrollments

12* 09/00 - 03/01, Creation of Check statement (imaged & non-imaged)system with the following functionality storage,retrieval and printing. Statements extracted from AFP/MVS files, converted to PDF data (via XENOS software) and placed on LAN queue via MQSeries application. Data subsequently retrieved by GUI inter face for print and display.

11* 03/00 - 09/00, Transformed legacy paper documents (Annual/Quarterly Statements) into electronic internet ready output. Batch code created dynamic AFP/line data, XENOS package transformed AFP data stream to PDF data stream. Added HTML links to PDF data stream dependent on key "littorals".

Preparing for next contract. 02/00 02/00

10* 07/99 - 01/00, Primary duties consisted of testing/repairing compatibility of banking financial job stream with the year 2000 date change. Tested DB2 online/batch systems.
Finance/Capital Markets Group

9* 04/98 - 06/99, ** Loaded DB2 tables with both Batch Programs and utility programs (i.e.; Sync-sort, Passport, QMF, and DB2 Utilities). Analyzed imbedded DB2 statements in existing Cobol programs for DB2 efficiency via Explain & Passport Utilities. Analyzed existing screens/programs, ensuring they met minimum standards (i.e. standardized scrn headings, DB2 error trapping). Analyzed DB2 tables relationships, using in-house software to document table relationships. Upgrades modifications to existing Client server applications

8* 04/98 - 11/98, ** Designed/Implemented code enhancements for on-line & batch systems, utilized APS code generators. IMS training provided.

7* 10/97 - 03/98, Optimized imbedded SQL statements using Passport. Tables were newly created DB2 tables (data extracted from existing Focus tables), maximum response time of 20 seconds, achieved via indexes, monitoring imbedded DB2 statements and minimizing data extraction times. Developed/implemented skeleton programs for on-line screens (used by internal staff/including help and bomb screens). Additionally implemented standardized screen headings.

6* 03/92 - 10/97, Optimized imbedded SQL’s via Explain statements, loaded various DB2 tables via Cobol programs and DB2 utilities (mass inserts using existing DB2 tables as well as flat files created in job stream. Responsible for implementing, testing and scheduling job streams (utilities) to load DB2 tables, i.e. image copies to restores). Additionally insured imbedded selects had maximum response times of less than 30 seconds. Worked with both dynamic and static imbedded SQL's. Extensive use of ADW code generators. Upgrades to client server applications, creation of Web pages via HTML.

5* 08/91 - 02/92, created enhancements for on-line/batch DB2 systems. Loaded DB2 tables via Cobol programs and system utilities (tested & implemented JCL, i.e. image copies, repros etc). Implemented 3rd party source code(i.e. PASSPORT & Indus) in addition to own code.

4* 10/90 - 07/91, created enhancements for on-line /batch DB2 systems. Worked with skeleton on-line programs & screens.
Insurance/Policy Underwriting

3* 07/90 - 09/90, No DB2.

2* 11/89 - 06/90, Extensive AFP using PMF.

1* 03/89 - 10/89, Extensive AFP using PPFA.

** Contracts ran concurrently.

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