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Descent into Mediocrity

Descent into Mediocrity

With the outcome of recent elections & conversations I have come to the following conclusions:

We as a nation have lost the ability/desire to aspire to greatness.
We as a nation no longer have a desire to achieve personal independent goals, we would rather be taken 
care of (a “Nanny” state). In short we are a nation of sheep & hypocrites.

From a conversation with a white liberal (let us call him “Tom”) I was told the following:
Anything good/great that the US has achieved has been the result of the “Government”. 
The government is all good, I added this, Tom jus implied this attribute. 

Right wing ICONS i.e. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hennery or Tony Snow to name a few are purely propagandists 
disseminating desperate lies and half truths.

The corporate gains tax should be raised, there is no reason that corporations should pay less then taxes then average citizen.
Redistribution of wealth is good and has been practiced by all politicians including president Reagan i.e. taxes.
The “Constitution” is a living document, constantly growing.  

My take on these these insane remarks:
The only thing government does well is to provide for the defense of this nation (to use the instrument of war), 
to regulate intra state commerce/transportation. Any other projects undertaken by the government are characterized 
by corruption, graft, incompetence and at best mediocrity.

Right wing icons, I prefer to refer to them conservative, non hypocrites who have beliefs.
I support these beliefs and these men & women are not liars,  while “Democrats” at best are disingenuous 
and at worst power seekers, devoid of all principals with a hatred for this country.

The corporate gains tax not only is this a second tax on money previously taxed it is an abomination 
spurred by the vilest of propaganda, namely rich have not worked to achieve their gains & this 
wealth should be ripped from them. Further more this will result in less money going into the 
economy leading to a recession. I wonder if the press will report this.

Taxes are required but only that required for the US infrastructure maintenance & defense, ten percent 
seems to be a more then adequate amount.

The “Constitution” referred to as a living document seems to me a code to use the constitution as toilet 
paper to further their own ends.  

11/26/2008 Entry
Recieved a note that reflects my views of the goverment, well here goes:

Not Looking Good for the Bailout Plan

 Back in 1990, the Government seized the Mustang Ranch brothel 
 in Nevada for tax evasion and, as required by law, tried to run it. 
 They failed and it closed. Now we are trusting the economy of our country 
 to a pack of nit-wits who couldn't make money running a whore house and
 selling booze?

As I stated any goverment venture has three characteristics 
a Mediocrity
b Inefficiency
c Corruption and fraud
Thanks to all the 'Toms" this is our future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What has the Federal Goverment ever done right?????????????
I can only think of three things;
a) Conducted & Ended WWII
b) Protected the free world from Soviet Aggression, which I attribute to President  Reagan.

Sorry I lied I can only come up with two things.

Now the debacles conceived & engineered by the feds is quite substantial Medicare Social Security to name a few.

12/08/2008 entry:
Another question, why is it that 50+ percent of the American public is brain dead. Common sense dictates that if 
you let  the government raise taxes for their pet projects, taking money from private enterprises people with 
wealth will shelter their money i.e. take it out of the economy.  Business is not supposed to be philanthropies 
they are there to make money. When they shelter their money the economy goes south.
So start looking forward to the misery index, large scale unemployment and an economy that is broken, I 
wonder how the press will spin this? You people disgust me.      

12/09/2008 entry:
Press Spin, how will the press spin reality and the new federal administration.  Will they simply ignore 
it (blowing smoke up our *&^%^, or will they take the blame it on the past administration tack? I 
wonder, in this respect they and my daughter are very similar, neither party seems to have any self respect 
or limits in their willingness to debase themselves via their actions.

Another question, now that the loonie-toons are in power when will they start to impose their will on the 
rest of us, I.e. fairness doctrine etc.
12/28/2008 entry:
Predictions (based on new administrations professed actions:
1. Economy will be going into the toilet, no brainer. When money is withdrawn from the private sector the 
Economy will go south for real. I wonder will all those *&^%$%^& liberals do their fair share? I am sure 
They think they already have by voting for change, what hypocrites. 
2. The previous administration will be blamed, another no brainer.
3. Will the press ever report the truth or just half truths & outright lies?
4. The Supreme Court will shift further left, goodbye personal liberties & freedoms, but then 
That and truth are considered small prices to pay for our liberal heaven.

This is all based on:
 A lack of concern of the left for the US economy.
 b Liberal lefts hatred for the US, yes I am labeling this group as unpatriotic cowards.
 c The total stupidity of the left

Hopes nothing for two years. 
That’s it for today.