New: Expanded Drawings

Here a sample out of Gigers Biographie:


After the exhibition in Japan, the most important Giger books
Gigerís - "Necronomicon 1 and 2" and Gigerís "Alien" - are translated.
The Japanese Giger Fan Club issues a limited edition of 100 signed and
numbered copies of their annual publication. A ten-volume edition of A. Crowley
and individual works by Lovecraft and T. Leary are published in slipcases with Giger motifs.
Due to strict construction codes, the four-story Giger bar planned for Tokyo
retains only fragments of the original concept.
Despite Gigerís qualms, the bar is built.
Exhibition at Jes Petersenís gallery in Berlin.
Takes part in an "Alchemy Symposium" at St. Gallen.
The book "Biomechanics" is published by Edition C, Zurich, Peter Baumann;
distributed in France with a text supplement in French by Bijan Aalam.
"Expanded Drawings Expanded" exhibition at Rolf MŁllerís Galerie Art Magazin.

Here a good sample


for sale :



Expanded Drawings, 30x42 cm, Oilcrayons on Lasercopy

This drawing has been sold, I keep it here to show how they were made:

on the left side, you can see the drawing with was the starting point for this "expanded Drawing"
By Chance, I got 2 pastels drawings which are based on drawings previously published in the biomechanics book.
You can see wery well how much Giger workded those drawings; The final image is far away from the starting Sketch..


the red one above is still for sale; send me an email if interested...


see the signature:

Expanded Drawings, 1988, neocolor on paper, 42 x 30 cm


This is one of my favorite from the "expanded Drawings" ; it reminds me the Mordor Litho..
was part of my collection; now for sale as well... I can't keep everything....


Sold Drawings :

sold! spring 2005

sold! spring 2005

sold ! (spring 2004)

(Nov. 2003)

Work Nr. 037 (march 2003)


Death in the Mousetrap

1988, 30 cm x 41 cm
(sold Sept 2001)

From the "Expanded Drawings"
Overworked xerox copy of a Giger work
See the book: www HR Giger, page 62;
Most of the scetch belongs to the xerox copy; only the strong black drawing is handdrawn.
The scan is of quite a bad qualitiy; the original appears much more yellow.