Second Celebration of the Four ; 1977
First special & De luxe edition of H.R. Giger's Necronomicon;

Cassette with sculpted title relief + 8 folding sheets; limited / signded edition of 150.

 box in bad condition, book and folding sheets ok :
See the scratches and general handling traces;
I got this one from the Artist which made the Lilith titel relief and the Baphometh 77 Belt; (pic in the book, page 223).
He kept the box all the time in his atelier; this resulted in this dammages.
But the 8 fould out sheets are in good condition; they were kept separate.

1. the open box.
2. all prints have on one side the overworked photo, on the other some alchem. symbols


This are the 8 fold out prints: size: 42 x 60 cm
the prints look somehow colored, on this scan; but they are in silver and black.

Some of the prints are also as single, signed print for sale; click on each print to get more details about.

click to get a large image:


Book, Box & Prints all in mint condition:
No pics yet; simply imagine the same as on the above pics, but really mint!