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mIRC Scripts, addons, bots, nukes, protection, etc.

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mIRC Scripts -Just The Best-

VirusScript ME
Sc00pScript 2000
VariantRealitys (VrS)


Shockwave v1.2

Sends random data to random ports on a remote host at a very fast rate, causing things such as ICQ and mIRC to stop responding.

Ginsu v6 Newk

New kick-ass version of Ginsu. A Really kick ass nuker

Panther v2

This is made for people that are on ISDN lines or higher, opens 6 ports at one time and sends some data you can set how you want it to open ports, good for slowing people down.

WNewk 1.02.Alpha6

Another kick ass nuker

Bluerain Dos

Bluerain Dos is a Command Line nuker (DOS)

Fedup v2.0

Simple, brutal, effective what do u want more?

Meliksah Nuker v2.5

Nice GUI, firewall kill option.


Want to fuck up NT!?

DiVine Intervention

A muti program which contains a nuker irc and oob, but it requires winsock2.2. I recommend this. It has everything!

WinSock Killer

Kills the winsocks

Click v2.2

Just Do It!

System Files

You need this files for some nukes to work


NukeNabber v2.9b

NukeNabber sets itself up to listen on TCP and UDP ports commonly attacked over the internet. A total of 50 ports can be monitored simultaneously. ICMP dest_unreach attacks are now logged. It is designed to give you the information you need in order to trace an attacker including a method of finding an attacker's nickname on IRC (mIRC, VIRC and PIRCH clients are supported).

BlackIce Defender v2.1.45

BlackIce Defender is one of the best protection program. It has many features.

Conseal Firewall v2.09 crack

ConSeal PC FIREWALL?s learning modes allow rules (that tell it what to allow and what to stop) and rulesets to be generated efficiently and straightforwardly. The Manual Learning Mode allows you to add, move, edit and delete rules and tweak them according to address and service type. Checked learning mode generates a rule when it encounters a packet for which it has no rules, and prompts you for acceptance, providing you with information on potential risks. Unchecked learning mode allows you to generate rules uninterrupted in the background by performing your normal networking activities over a trial period.

TDS v3

TDS-3 Trojan Defence Suite is the world's most comprehensive Anti - Trojan system.

HackTracer v1.2

Another great protection program

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