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Well, here's the latest fake news from the world of Doctor Who. As you can see, we've got the latest covers for the next 2 Big finish releases...

Paul McGann meets up with an old friend in next January's release. Click on the thumbnail for more information!

Also released in January is the first in a new series of The Dalek Empire. The first series was a moderate success until the release of that KitKat advert with the lovable Daleks. Thanks to this series (following on from the 'Humanised Daleks' from Evil of the Daleks, we can now class the advert as canonical. Yay.

We've also got a sneaky peek at next March's DVD release. On the success of the DVD's, a spokesman for the BBC DVD dept, had this to say; "We don't understand it! We put them in the shittest covers possible & they still buy 'em! That's why we're releasing this one next... We're going to prove the theory that you can't polish a turd."

Also released next month is a new Seventh Doctor novel. A sequel to The Happiness Patrol, it features guest appearances by 80's latino starlet Sheila E & 90's spoof youthster Ali G.

There's also a couple of BBC Radio Collection releases next month, but quite frankly, they don't interest us at all, so we're not going to review them.

Another excusive from the world of Big Finish is next month's release. Only a matter of Time stars the late Peter Cushing as the Doctor and teams him up with fan favourite- Nicholas Courtney. Nick said of the story "It's great, because now I can say that I've worked with every Doctor. I'm well chuffed, I am!" Peter Cushing has so far refused to comment.

Nick's back in October's release too; this time side by side with Colin Baker's Doctor. The Doctor and the Brig investigate a huge Black Hole and make a terrifying discovery. This story also features Patrick Moore and half of the Eastenders cast. Can't wait!

November's release is another shocker. Tom Baker has agreed to return to the role. He has set a few requirements, but Big Finish have managed to work those into the story, and it looks like it will be a classic!

In VVB news, Lalla Ward has agreed to return as the Mistress in yet another adventure with mechanical mutt- KP.

Also due for release is Silurians- The Early Years, in which the origins of the Silurians are revealed. Look out for the second part of this ongoing saga. The Lives and Loves of a Sea Devil is due out next month!

BBC books are having a Jon Pertwee bonanza in the next two months, BOTH PDA's will feature the Doctor. One is written by fan favourite, Paul Magrs. The other is reportedly written under a pseudonym, but as yet, we don't know who it might be. We'll keep you posted.

December's PDA release is written by Gareth Roberts and is a comedy in the style of The Romans. It features the first Doctor, is set directly after The Dalek Masterplan, and sees the Doctor trying to save his recently deceased companions with disasterous concequences. Sounds like a side splitter!

Don't forget that Peter Haining's latest hardback is also out this month. Full of interesting snippets, it's sure to keep you amused for a couple of minutes. It's a revolutionary book for Mr Haining, as it doesn't mention Peter Cushing once!

Also released over the next few months is the charity fanthology 'The Cat Who Walked Through Eternity- Perfectly!'. A collection of short stories by both professionals and nobodies. surprisingly, the cover wasn't designed by Nathan Skreslet who is quoted as saying 'Oh bollocks... Not another one...'

There is currently no information on the books contents, as when we asked one of the editors for a review copy, she replied 'We're not a f*&king charity, you know!'

Don't forget to call back next month, when we'll have some more fake news from the world of Doctor Who. And remember, fake news is good news!

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