The Fury Saga

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Book 1 - Hell Hath No Fury 126K Text Version Matthew Changes his mind at the last minute and leaves Elizabeth waiting at the altar on their wedding day.
Book 2 - Birth Of Nemesis 127K Text Version All Plans have a beginning, this is the birth of Dr Bexley's.
Book 3 - Kat O Nine Tales 661K Text Version Those who have been affected by Dr Elizabeth Bexley bizarre and twisted revenge band together to try and stop her completing her plans.
Book 4 Incubus 240K Text Version Out of nowhere David, a psychic gets a flash about a girl in trouble that the police are trying to find in order to save her from a brutal serial killer.
Book 5 - The Fury Directive Part 1 455K Text Version Five years ago Dr Elizabeth Bexley wrecked the lives of Matthew and Jane Stephens. In a titanic struggle that cost them more than they could comprehend they defeated Dr Bexley's Schemes. It remained that way for three years...
Book 6 - The Fury Directive Part 2 419K Text Version Though we are not now that strength which in old days moved Earth and Heaven, that which we are, we are. One equal temper of heroic hearts, made weak by time and fate, but strong in will; to strive, to seek, to find. And not to yield.
Book 7 - The Fury Directive Part 3 281K Text Version Such are the fortunes of this house. Rash indeed, is he who reckons on the morrow, or haply on days beyond it; for tomorrow is not, until today is safely past..
Book 8 - Soul Mates. 876K Text Version You do me wrong to take me o' the grave: Thou art a soul in bliss; but I am bound upon a wheel of fire, that mine own tears do scald like molten lead.


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