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The History of Ferro Commerz

The Company Ferro Commerz is an Old Fashion Trading House, which exists already over 25 Years in Germany under the Ferro Commerz name. The founder of this Export and Import Firm was dealing mostly with Steel and Iron from Russia and East Block nation to Middle East and China. The company was also very active his trading in the European and Northern America countries. A very special trading partner was over the whole time the Iran nation where our company have a very respectful name. On the 15th of November, 1999 the founder of Ferro Commerz die in his duty.

Ferro Commerz Today

Today his son Mr. Kay Schuppenhauer and his nephew Mr. Firdaus Schuppenhauer are taking over the responsible of his company. Mr. Kay Schuppenhauer is running further on the Headoffice in Hamburg (Germany) and also the branch office in Vienna (Wien, Austria). His nephew Mr. Firdaus Schuppenhauer is taking over the Asian headoffice in Malaysia.

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