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System Requirement

Daub-Cad needs the minimum system of at least Pentium and above. Daub-Cad ver. 0.8 size is only 1.4MB. The monitor display must have at least 256bit color. For the memory minimum is 16 MB RAM is required

Daub-Cad is a two-dimension construction program. This program was produced after the new psychologies perceptions in German technologies. The characteristic of this program is to draw in a very friendly way. The icon symbols are sort in blocks and good position for his friendly use. Daub-Cad is very easy to understand even for beginner and professional in his work.

For beginners, this program is an advantage because in his very friendly way. You can draw from the icon on the screen or the commands. For professional user this program is very fast and useful.

You also can run Daub-Cad from the diskette in any PC computer without any installation. The printing process is very fast and easy to handle, because Daub-Cad has his own system.

Daub-Cad is an independent 2D drawing program. Professional user will know very fast the advantage of this program.

Daub-Cad program can be used for every company. For example Architects, Construction planner, Town planner, Properties firm, Development firm, Land development, Street development, Engineering and Furniture firm and others.

The beginning of Daub-Cad was in summer 1995. The development phase needs until summer 1996. This program is written firstly for Germanís Companies which needs a very simple and fast drawing program and also which is very friendly to the staff. The new way in the Western Industry Nation is to put very small and friendly software in the computers.

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Current Customer List

Permodalan Kelantan Berhad, Yunus Yaacob and Sons Sawill Sdn. Bhd., Perunding IMS, Jurukur Timur, Indah Makiumat Centre, Mastech Consult (Engineering), Anjaria Properties Sdn. Bhd, UNISYS (M) Sdn. Bhd, Pasir Pekan Enterprise, Wan Zil Amran bin Wan Mahmud, Twilight Zone (M) Sdn. Bhd, Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR), Tengku Mohd. Shah Tengku Ibrahim, KMS-Ingenieur (Engineering), Bergema Properties Sdn. Bhd, CH Williams Talhar & Wong Sdn. Bhd, Ismail Mohamed Electrical Sdn. Bhd, Nasir Sabaruddin & Associates, Ikatan Cipta Bina Partnership, Superior Engineering Enterprise, D.R. Furniture & Decoration, Kelantan State Economic Planning Unit Yang Di Pertua Majilis Daerah, SSM Timur Sdn. Bhd, JKR Kuantan, Eeman Group, Ong Solid Door, Mohd. Jamil bin Haji Mohamed Amin

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