Greek Mythology has always fascinated me. I have enjoyed reading about it every chance I get. I thought I would share my love of it by putting up a whole section of it.
Once I started reading about Greek Mythology, I was stunned about all of the things that people believed in. I could believe all of the women that Zeus seduced. He must not have been a happy man or he just liked sex a lot and he wasn't getting enough at home (lol). He had so many offspring from all of his affairs it wasn't funny. Hera, one of Zeus' wives, was a very vengeful goddess. She punished many a woman who had slept with her husband. Talk about a woman scorned.
A lot of these gods and goddesses we have heard of and many we haven't. I have put together some of the better known groups of mythological gods, goddesses, people, and creatures.
If you have ever seen the movies "Clash of the Titans" or Disney's "Hercules", you will recognize some of these.

The Olympians
The Titans
The Nymphs
The Muses
The Beasts
The Oceanids
The Pleiades
The Constellations
More to be added...