The Dark Angel story begins in Vivadyne Labs in Gillette, Wyoming.  In this lab resides Project Manitcore.  Project Manticore is a top secret project, lead by Donald Lydecker, making geneticly enhanced soldiers.  These soldiers had telescopic/night vison, super strengh, cat-like agility, stay underwater for 4+ minutes.

    One of these Manticore soldiers was Max.  She and the other Manticore X5s hated the ways they were treated.  Some of their fellow "siblings" were killed in training like Eva, who was shot by Lydecker.  In the winter of 2009, lead by Zack, another X5, some of the X5s escaped.  Max was separated from the others.

    Months later, an electro-magnetic pulse was set by cyber terrorists. It wiped out the US infostructure turning the United States from a world super power to a third world country.  It helped make Max and other escaped X5s dissaper.

    A few years later in Seattle, Eyes Only appeared when the US government became corrupted.   He gained many allies.  Eyes Only Imformants thought a man named Logan Cale was an messager for Eyes Only, not knowing he is Eyes Only.One day, one of his imformants gave him infomation on the Manticore X5s.  He remebered that when he met Max in 2019.

    Max broke into Logan's place to steal his bast statue.  After she got discovered, she jumped out of his window head first and disappered into the night.  After Max saved his life and the life of an imformant's daughter, they struck up a friendship.  They made a deal, if Logan looks up infomation on her "siblings", Max will help him with Eyes Only work.