Sound Bites

Summery of Dark Angel

Summery of Dark Angel: Red Series Version

Summery of Dark Angel: New Version

Dark Angel Theme

Streaming Freedom video

Max (Girls Kick Ass)

Max (I got people who what to lock me up in a cage)

Max (Talking about Eastep's coffee)


Eric and Max  (Eric Breaks Up With Max)

Max (On her Genes)

Max And Logan (Warning Max about looking for Hannah)

Herbal, Sketchy, Normal (Herbel doesn't want to delever package)

Hanna, Max (Hannah Tells Max About her mother)

Max, Logan (Logan Is afriad of Heights?)

Max  (What Max thought when Hannah FIRST told her about her mother)


Warden, Max, Orginal Cindy (Max is Choking The Warden)

Eyes Only, Eastep (Eyes Only Broadcast To Walter Eastep)

Max, Lucy, Commander  (Max is talking about leaving Lucy)

Orginal Cindy, Logan (Origanal Cindy thinks Logan gave Max the pills)

Normal, Sketchy, Max  (Jam Pony is covering up for Max)

Logan, Max (What Logan and Max were doing the night of the Pulse)


(Coming Soon)

411 on the DL

Herbal, Orginal Cindy, Normal, Max, Sketchy (Herbel Tells Max to let it roll off like water)

Sketchy, Normal, Jam Pony Guy, Orginal Cindy, Max, Herbal (Herbel fired for smoking weed)

Sketchy, Normal (Normal is not Sketchy's friend)

"Sam" , Max (Sam (aka Zack) and Max talk about past lifes)


Kendra, Max (Max and Kendra want to score towels)

Max  (Max on Manticore)

Max, Kendra (Talking about Toothpaste)

Kendra, Max (After Max talked to Lydecker)

Max, Doctor (Max is talking to the doctor about fixing genes)

Cold Comfort

Max, Brin, Zack, Lydecker (Brin is Sick)

Zack, Logan, Max (Warning about Capturing Lydecker)

Zack, Logan, Max (Infomation on Lydecker)

Zack, Logan (Other Manticore Wit)

Zack, Lydecker, Max  (Talking About the X-5s)

Zack, Max, Logan (Do what Max says)

Blah Blah, Woof Woof

Logan, Max (Dreaming)

Reporter, Max (News Report, Max's Thoughts)


Sketchy, Max (Why are men are always working?) Best Sound File Ever

Cindy, Max (Why do women need guys?)

Bad Guy, Logan (Who is Eyes Only?)

Sketchy, Max (Sketchy on guys and girls)


Kendra, Max (Bang the Gong)

Logan, Bling (Watching shooting)

Logan, Max  (On Red Series)

Max, Bruno, Johansen (Capturing Max for Money)

Logan, Sebastian (On Red Series)

Art Attack

Max, Logan (Logan is inviting Max to be his date)

Normal, Cindy, Max  (Normal called the Jam Pony Crew Idiots)

Sketchy, Herbel, Cindy (Looking through the packages)


Sebastian, Max, Logan (Sebastian tells Max what he knows)

Logan, Oringal Cindy, Max, Sebastian(Max prepares to fight the Reds)

The Kidz Are Aiight

Zack, Max (Talking About Jondy, Tinga, Zane)

Zack, Max (Talking About Krit and Brin)

Normal, Eyes-Only, Zane's Friend  (Eyes-Only Warning the X5s)

Female Trouble

Cindy, Max, Sketchy (Logan is probably being a doggy-dog)

Logan, Vertes, Max (Talking about Jace's condition)


Cindy, Max (Talking about when Max is in Heat)

Max, Cindy (playing word game when Max is in heat)