Dark Angel

Teaser Commercials/Trailers
Whatever - Godsmack

Escape - Craig Armstrong

Bitch - Meredith Brooks

Tonight and The Rest Of My Life - Nina Gordon

The Chemicals Between Us - Bush

Prodigy Teaser
Behind Every Good Woman - Tracy Bonham 

Hooking/The Little Red Dress
Club 2G - Lil' Mo feat. Naam


Prison escape attempt
La donna e mobile - Verdi


Playing roulette & poker
Pull Over- Trina

"411 On the DL"
Motorcycle race
Smooth Chick - Missy Elliot

Blah Blah, Woof Woof

Driving to the cabin/The Dream
Valse Triste -  Jean Sibelius

Art Attack
Logan picks Max up for the wedding
Movin With U - Q-Tip

Max in heat "theme"
Hot Boyz - Missy Elliot
Max checkin' Normal out
Back Up - Da Brat feat. Ja Rule

Alec and the woman in the motel room
Space Boogie - Hed PE

Quickie-mart robbery
Bartender - Hed PE

Alec passes the kids going the wrong way
Killing Time - Hed PE

Proof of Purchase

Cage matches
Name of the Game - Crystal Method

Radar Love

Joshua's "sniffin' around town" scene
Atomic Dog - George Clinton

Max riding her bike
Runnin' Out Of Time feat. Kelly Price - Da Brat

Kids come trick-or-treating at Joshua's
Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz

Max walks into Crash
Fight Music - D-12
Max fights the headless body

Mystikal Fever - Mystikal