Season One
Max is a beautiful, unique girl -- she should be, she was designed that way. Engineered in a secret government lab twenty years ago, Max and her genetically enhanced siblings were created to be the  perfect soldiers... until they escaped. Now, ten years later, against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic Seattle, Max is on a quest to reclaim her past by finding her fellow escapees. But she's not the only one  looking... 
Max hopes to redezvous with a fellow fugitive who has infomation about her biological mother, but a reunion could expose them to danger. 
When Kendra and Original Cindy mistake Max's dependence on Triptophane for a drug problem, their good intentions land Max in prison. 
A woman enlists 'Eyes Only' to help locate her missing father; meanwhile, Max and Original Cindy come to the rescue when Sketchy finds himself on the wrong side of a mob boss. 
When Max's barcode number turns up in the newspaper, her investigation leads her to an unlikely font of Manticore information... but can she trust the source? Meanwhile, Logan reunites with an old flame. 
Max gets closer to Lydecker than she ever wished when she attends a conference on genetic engineering. 
Max learns the identity of one of her Manticore siblings, but there's just one problem: it appears her friend has just been re-captured.  Meanwhile, Jam Pony has a buyer and Jam Pony rider have to put an end to it. 
Max goes to ground when Lydecker turns Seattle into a military state; meanwhile, Logan's accident presents new complications. 
Max walks away from Eyes Only, leaving Logan in the crosshairs of a powerful smuggler. 
Eyes Only enlists Max to guard the life of none other than Bruno Anselmo, the man who put Logan in the wheelchair... but keeping Bruno alive may be a taller order than Max thinks. 
Max attends a Cale family wedding with Logan, but an angry art dealer on the receiving end of a Jam Pony slip-up drags Max away from the festivities. 
A Lost pager leads a band of genetically altered soldiers to Max and Original Cindy; Logan begins to get some feeling in his paralyzed legs 
Max must turn her back on the burgeoning intimacy between her and Logan when, after months of physical and mental torture, Zack escapes from Manticore and seeks her help 
Logan consults an enigmatic doctor, only to learn that the doctor has a price on her head... and a Manticore assassin on her trail. 
When Logan seeks out an Eyes Only informant in the remote town of Cape Haven, he and Max stumble  onto a secret the town has been keeping since the Pulse 
Original Cindy's old flame returns to town, not knowing that her mysterious past is about to catch up with her. 
A serial killer with a familiar signature forces Max to face the ghosts she thought she'd left behind at Manticore. 
While investaging a string of murders, Max and Logan encounter a mystery man who seems to be endrowed with superpowers. 
When Max discovers that Tinga has a husband and son, she joins forces with her Manticore sister to rescue her family from Lydecker 
Max is flooded with cat-like sexual urges;  Logan repairs the "exo-skeleton that enables him to walk; Zack spies on Renfro and Lydecker to find where Tinga is held; 
Max with fellow X5s Zack, Krit, and Syl launch an all-out attack on Manticore;  Lydecker must form an alliance with former "children" and Logan Cale while running from Renfro;  Max comes face to face with her clone. 
Season Two
Designate This
After months of reindoctrination, Max must escape her captors and return to Logan, whose obsession with  bringing down Manticore has made him number one with a bullet on their most wanted list.
Bag 'Em
Max must stop an NSA agent hell-bent on erasing Renfro's mistakes by systematically killing all the X-series. 
Proof of Purchase
Max discovers that Joshua is wandering Seattle looking for the mythological "Sanderman"; Alec fights ordinary people in an underground club. 
Radar Love
Max and Logan uncover a genocidal agenda when they look into a series of unusual deaths linked to transgenic escapees. 
It's Halloween in Seattle, and Max is in for a night of talking heads, fortune tellers and hags. 
Max investigates a string of brutal attacks on sector cops, only to find that all of the evidence points towards Joshua; Alec joins Jam Pony.
Some Assembly Required
After spending months believing him dead, Max discovers that Zack is not only alive but apparently benefiting from some cybernetic enhancements to his genetic engineering. The only problem: he has no memory of Max. 
Gill Girl
When Alec learns that an underwater transgenic has been exposed, he and Max must race to keep her out of White'sclutches and return her to the ocean where she belongs. 
Medium is the Message
Max's continued efforts to cure the Manticore virus are interrupted by a kidnapping case that involves White, a group of amped-up kidnappers and Lydecker's disappearance.
When a militant group that has helped Logan in the past comes under fire, all signs point to a Manticore-engineered military strategist.
Pain Boy
Alec wrestles with the ghosts of his last Manticore mission and finds himself haunted by the mistakes of the past.
Borrowed Time
Max and Logan find a cure for their genetically engineered virus, but must set aside any thoughts of romance to stop a bizarre Manticore creation on the loose in Seattle.
Habour Lights
When Max is shot and hospitalized, Logan must race White and a curious CDC doctor to keep Max's transgenic identity a secret. 
Love In Vein
Max discovers a crime spree has been launched by a cult of human children led by a vampire-like transgenic.
A hypnotically persuasive transgenic uses an Eyes Only case for her own self-serving agenda
Hello, Goodbye
Dawg Day Afternoon
She Ain't Heavy