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Magnetism Web Quest

Welcome to the Magnetism Web Quest. The object is to answer the questions using the links provided. You can print this page and turn it in at school or e-mail me the questions/answers for extra credit. Good Luck!

·What was discovered in 1911 that led to Mag-Lev trains?

·How fast can Mag-Lev trains travel?

·How can Mag-Lev trains help our country?

·Which magnetic force is the theory behind Mag-Lev trains?

·Does every planet have a magnetic field? Which ones' do?

·What two ingredients make a planet magnetic?

·How can magnets help your body?

·What is it called when you make pictures from magnets? How is this helpful?

·What animals have built-in magnets?

·How do pigeons and hummingbirds get lost?

·Do animals have only one navigational system? Explain.

Mag-Lev Trains

Planetary Magnetism

Magnets and Your Health

Magnetic Pictures

Animal Magnetism