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Corrupting the souls of the faithful since 1979 BC.

The very bad of the baddies in the world!

The very essence of that which is evil!

Cruelty and malignance given form!


This is the team for the blackhearted little guy in all of us!

Simply put....the bad guys.
But that's okay...cause sometimes....
the badguys get to win.
They are my personal preference in the game
although they are grossly out numbered.
That just means we have strength
and more power
than those damned weakling humans!!!


It was a dark day...the rain poured down like hot molten steel against my body.
It was hot and unbearable...but there was no sense going inside.  The weather reflected how
I felt inside.  A boil of things gone wrong.  First Arcadia...then Frank.  They were gone.
Lost to whatever God held power over this damned world.

I sat against a large tree...half sobbing...half mad.  It was dark and cold and I was alone.
I was soaking wet and reaked of cheap alcohol...I wanted to lose myself in the trees that night.
I wanted to run away and hide and never show my face to the civilized world again.
The cruelties of which I wished not to face again.  The people...the machines...the corporations
that promised anything and stole everything.  They took my soulmate, and my brother from me.
The images burned my eyes and I raked at them with numb half frozen fingers...

"Come to me"

I jerked my head around.  Someone was there in the darkness.  Watching me.
Suddenly it felt comforting to know that I wasn't alone.  And yet it was disturbing all the same.
Soemthing had found me shivering and weeping in the cold darkness.
And it wispered softly.

"I know your pain."

A robed figure sitting in a tree across a small valley.
It reached out a hand and beckoned for me.  I don't know why...I don't know how...
But I walked towards it.  The rain had stopped and for a moment I could see the light of
the night sky.  It was beautiful and horrifying in it's vast emptiness.
And then I was in front of the small figure hidden in dark cloth.
It raised it's head and I saw a beautiful glowing face.  She couldn't
have been more than myself in years.  Bright and vibrant.  But there was
something familiar about her eyes.  Untold pain hidden deep within them.  She knew the
loss, as I have this day.  Strange things ran through my head...I was being washed away
in a sea of understanding and relief.  She held her arms out to me and I took them.
Finding shelter in her loving embrace.

Something struck my mind then...something deep and powerful
and yet amazingly simple in it's brilliance.
It was the brotherhood that was responsible for their deaths.

I'll have my vengeance.....