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Introduction and News


Welcome to my web page.  So, I guess I should first answer the question of “Why The Dragonmage’s Realm?”  Delric Dragonmage is one of my favorite characters.  I originally created him in a short story I tried to send to Wizards of the Coast, but my timing was such that my submission arrived just as The Duelist stopped accepting fiction.  Around six years later, Delric’s life story had fully worked itself out, and I used it as the basis for Magus Draconum, a novel I am currently trying to sell.  Delric is a character who embodies many aspects of me, and is therefore the character dearest to my heart.  He has been my persona on Alt.Fan.Dragons, and carried me through some of the greatest adventures I’ve ever imagined.


Diablo: Demonsbane seems to have finally petered out, after around a year or so of being in the top 200 at Amazon.com.  Not bad for a first published book.  An excerpt can be found here, and links to the various stores can be found at the Simon & Schuster website.


The latest Ad Astra convention was a great deal of fun, and I had a wonderful time.  This year I got to have dinner with my two favorite artists: John Howe and Ted Nasmith.  For those who don’t recognize the names, John worked on the Lord of the Rings movie, and is responsible for how the arms and armor looked, and Ted illustrated Tolkien’s The Silmarillion.


And, I’m still living in Kingston, Ontario.  I occasionally commute to the Toronto Area for a while for conventions and other things, but I love living in this nice, statuesque city.  I think there’s something of old world Europe in it.  For those in Kingston, you can sometimes run into me at Digital Gamer.


My convention schedule is developing, and I am pleased to report that I will be attending the following conventions:


*        Toronto Trek 16, July 5-7, at the Regal Constellation Hotel, Toronto.


No new public appearances yet, but I’m working on it.


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My Favorite Links

*   The Internet Movie Database

*   Diabloii.net

*   Dennis L. McKiernan’s home page


And Some of My Work…


*  Magus Draconum - Prologue

*  War of Succession - Prologue

*  Film Reviews

*  On Incorporating Mythology into Fantasy (Story and Myth, May 1997.)

*  A Fanfiction Author's Guide to Copyrights

*  A Fanfiction Author's Guide to Publication


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Contact Information

E-mail address

I can currently be emailed at Delric@Angelfire.com or Delric@iStar.ca.  I check both email addresses every day, and I love to hear from people.


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Current Projects

*   Beowulf’s Legacy; an anthology of short stories filling in the stories alluded to, but not actually told, in the Beowulf poem.  The contributors include Tom Shippey (The Road to Middle-Earth), George Clark (Beowulf), John M. Hill (The Cultural World of Beowulf), and Sarah Higley (best known for creating Lt. Barclay on Star Trek: The Next Generation).  For more information, click here.

*   War of Succession; a fantasy novel about a group of refugees trying to survive a world spanning war.  The submission draft is complete, and currently in the hands of my agent and editor.  To read the prologue, click here.

*   Garwulf’s Corner, a (sometimes) Diablo related column that can be found at Diabloii.net.  It’s been going strong for over a year and a half now, and somehow manages to hit a nerve…almost like I know what I’m doing…


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Who am I?

My name is Robert B. Marks.  I am a graduate of Queen’s University and the PrimeTech Institute.  At Queen’s I completed an honors degree in Medieval Studies, and after discovering that it didn’t really qualify me for a great deal in the working world, I completed a course in computer networking involving Novell Netware and Windows NT.  During the day I am a humble freelance writer, but I also work on professional fiction and a regular non-fiction web column on Diabloii.net.


My great pride and joy is my writing, which I’ve been doing for ten years.  My published writing includes Diablo: Demonsbane, published by Simon & Schuster, a review of Myth II: Soulblighter in Computer Gaming World, a film column between October 1999 and April 2000 in the Richmond Hill Month, and a general non-fiction article about how to recognize a true gentleman in the Toronto Star.


My amateur fiction has won at least two internet awards on Alt.Drwho.Creative that I am aware of, and I have written two novels, at least fifteen short stories, and several film reviews.  My first published book, Diablo: Demonsbane, was on the PeanutPress bestseller list for three weeks.  And, assuming I don’t get hit by a meteor or lightning bolt, there is much more to come.


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Personal Interests

*   Writing

*   Film Criticism

*   Painting Miniatures


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Last revised: April 29, 2002.