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A Very Haunted Christmas


       Everyone has either seen or heard about the movie the Christmas Carol that was adapted from a story by Charles Dickens, in the story a miserly man Ebenezer Scrooge is haunted by three apparitions that hope to change his feelings for man kind and Christmas, in the end they succeed and he is redeemed.
       The Christmas season is reported to a very active time for hauntings perhaps it is all the recognition or the excitement, or it being a very holy time but ghost sightings seem to increase over the season.
       There are many reports of deceased relatives returning on Christmas Eve as if to wish their loved ones a Merry Christmas. There is a man who reports that on Christmas Eve his motherís spirit visited him and his wife as they sat in front of the fireplace, she never said anything she just sat there looking at them both smiling.  Another report of a Christmas haunting is not as pleasant as the first one, this ghost seemed to like to push and shove newcomers to its former house as if to say it did not want any outsiders infringing on its Christmas celebration.
       A young mother reported of a strange encounter with a young man when she tried to purchase a purse for a gift, she heard a voice from out of the air that said to her to be careful she was being followed, she left the store, but found that he had some how followed her to another store, she saw him many times in different places throughout the store. She finally summoned help from a security man telling him she was being followed by a strange young man in a trench coat and could she get someone to follow her to her car. The security man told her to wait there, and he would be right back. As she stood there waiting for someone to come walk her to her car, she again saw the man in the trench coat, he glared at her to let her know that she had thwarted his plans, she knew that a guardian angel ha! d warned her of his evil plan for her.
       There is another true story from England of a young man driving home along the coast during Christmas time and he witnesses the ghost of a man dressed in a monkís robe looking down at the sea, there is a report of someone having committed suicide in that area.

       A woman who lost her mother three years before Christmas reported that her phone rang in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve, she answered it to a woman saying a pleasant "hello there" she immediately recognized her motherís voice, the phone line had a lot of statice and it seemed to cut in and out, she said to the voice, "this canít be my mother she is dead" to which the voice responded "nonsense" and the phone call was cut off. The woman is convinced that it was indeed her mother somehow calling from beyond the grave. Other family members report hearing the phone ringing in the middle of the night.

       There is a story of a couple spending Christmas a beautiful Victorian bed and breakfast in Oklahoma. The bed and breakfast was all decorated for Christmas in the Victorian era decorations. The couple knew that the home was haunted by many newspaper articles to the such. The couple took a room downstairs by the stairway, to the woman it felt very heavy but they took it any ways. The woman who owned the house explained a little bit about the various hauntings of the home, there is a male entity that has been seen in the living room he is dressed in black. There has been the reported sighting of a woman in a yellow ball gown, she has been witnessed by many guests many of these guests have fled the B&B in fright, and there is a reported sighting of a cat.
      The woman that night as she got ready to go out, felt that she was being watched, perhaps it was all the talk that afternoon of the spirits that supposedly haunted this house, but whatever it was she became very uncomfortable. She was glad to leave the house t! hat evening.
There are many more true accounts of Christmas time hauntings, perhaps being visited by Christmas apparitions is not all together a Christmas story of long ago, perhaps it is something that is going on today.

Merry Christmas

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