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Weeping Statues


There have been numerous reports from all over the world of the phenomenon called weeping statues, in this phenomenon religious statues many of them statues of the Virgin Mary are reported to be weeping tears of blood or even actual tears. Tests on the tears show that the blood is human, mainly from a man, DNA testing determined this and the clear tears have the same make up as human tears.

Some of the places reporting weeping statues are a city in Bangladesh where there is a statue of the Virgin Mary that is crying bloody tears, believers feel that this shows the Virginís dismay at recent violence in this country.

There is even a report from the United States from a Nevada man that a shrine that he has in his backyard to Our Lady of Guadalupe crying real tears. He takes cotton balls and dabs at these tears. He then distributes these tear soaked cotton balls to the faithful, he has told of many healings and even of seeing an apparition of the Virgin in the sky above his shrine.

There also other reports from other states of religious statues weeping, one such report came from Kansas of another statue of Our Lady Of Guadalupe crying clear tears that turned to blood the next day. Incidentally the day that the tears appeared in Kansas was on December 12 which is the day that is reported that the Virgin made her appearance in Mexico in the year of 1531.

There have also been many reports of religious icons weeping too. Icons are religious pictures of God and the saints. In Romania there are reports of a picture of the Holy Mother weeping and in a town near Rome reports of a small icon that was brought from Medjugorje that appears to weep tears of blood. Medjugorje is the scene of reported sightings of the Virgin Mary.

The Roman Catholic Church remains silent on these reported weeping miracle cases but the faithful still flock to these sights of miracles to offer prayers of thanks and hope.


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