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Frequently Asked Questions

A young woman from Arizona asked us "what is a ghost?"

The term ghost actually means a human spirit that is unrecognizable to the person seeing it. An apparition on the other hand means that the spirit is recognizable to the person that is seeing it. All though no one is really sure what exactly is a ghost most believe that a ghost is the spirit of a dead person. Some people believe that these spirits don't know they are dead or that they feel that they have died too soon or that they have not finished what they were working on in life. Some of these deaths could be cause by an untimely and traumatic death. These poor souls do not realize that they have passed and believe that they are still alive. They try to carry on with their lives as they did before their passing. Many times this is the condition that causes the haunting. An entity may see his or her beloved house changed and they don't quite understand why this is happening and this may cause the haunting by the spirit. Some ghost hunters and psychic's believe that these spirits are "stuck" between this earth and the next while on the other hand some believe that spirits can and do travel between the two dimensions at will. That during our times of stress, trouble or illness, the ghost of a loved one maybe seen or felt.

A man from California writes that he has heard there are many different kinds of ghost and that he was wondering what each kind was.

One kind of a ghost is the kind that is left over from a horrific action like the ghosts at Gettysburg or any battlefield. These ghosts seem to play over and over again the action that caused their passing. So on these locations many feel, see or hear the sounds associated with the action that occurred there. These ghosts are referred to as residual.

Another type of ghost can be seen right after someone passes. This is reported by many loved ones whose family member passed during a battle of a war, many reported seeing their loved ones before even knowing of their death. Some psychics at a scene of an accident report seeing the ghost of the injured looking down over their dying body.

And there are still other people report seeing shadows of an era gone by. They have witnessed ghosts people from past times that seem to carry on with their lives as if they were still alive. No one knows the reasons for this and it seems to be happening more and more.

A young girl from New York State asked us after the death of her beloved dog if there could be any ghost animals?

We have received numerous reports of people who after having a beloved pet pass away have seen, heard of felt the pet once again. Many people will argue that in order to be a spirit you must have a soul and animals do not have souls like us than their cannot be ghost animals. But research does show more and more evidence of the appearance of spirit animals.

A man from the Midwest asked us the question as to why there are ghost here on earth and why do they haunt us?

Like us ghosts too have an agenda, a man might have died right in the middle of building his dream house or finding a dream job and even as a spirit would like to finish it. Or a parent might come back to see their child graduate or get married or even to see the birth of a new grandchild.

Still other spirits might come back at times of trouble or sickness to see how we are doing and to give comfort to us as they did in life. Still other spirits come because of the recognition and the desire for the living to have one more chance with a deceased loved one.

Some young people who want to be ghost hunters asked what would be the best place to find a ghost?

There are many haunted areas throughout the world and it is easy to get information on them from any ghost hunting organization on the Internet.

But the important thing is that a lot of places require you to get permission to be on the land, especially cemeteries. You just can't go into private homes, places of business or private or municipal property waving a camera claiming to look for ghosts.

Many people do not want to publicize the fact that they have ghosts as to do so may cause them a lot of unwanted and negative publicity. Many cemeteries have very strict rules about trespassing after dark. There is a lot of vandalism that happens in cemeteries and many do not want a lot of people trampling over graves hoping to see a ghost or two.

There are still many places in the country that has ghost tours that will allow you to take pictures and hopefully see a ghost. So please see what the rules are before you attempt to go ghost hunting.

A very frightened young man from Illinois wanted to know if a ghost had followed him home from a trip to see some ghosts in a local cemetery.

The answer is yes that ghosts have been known to follow someone home from a cemetery or other haunted local. Many would be investigators have reported having problems associated with a spirit that they felt followed them home from a cemetery. Still other's report that the spirit that indeed followed them home was not Casper the friendly ghost but something much darker and more evil than they had bargained for. So if you plan on hunting ghosts beware that what you are hunting might in turn start hunting you.

A woman from Washington asked us in an email why it seemed like a ghost was glowing?

The answer could be that this spirit was not actually glowing but rather that it had drawn a lot of energy out of the surrounding area and that it seemed to glow because of all the energy it had. A ghost have been seen in many different stages, translucent, transparent or as solid as we are or they have come as mists, fogs, orbs or streaks.

Still another would be ghost hunter emailed us to ask if ghost pose any danger to us?

Most ghosts since they are human spirits are not dangerous that is unless of course they were a dangerous person in life. But then they would have an evil side to them and that maybe considered something other than a ghost.

A young woman from Pigeon forge Tennessee asks the question of what is automatic writing?


Automatic writing is the technique that mediums use to communicate with a spirit. The medium usually goes into a trance and lets the spirit channel through him or her, during this trance like state the medium holds a pen or pencil to a piece of paper and allows the spirit to use her or his hand and write answers to questions or to give messages to people on this side.

A man from New York City writes asking what is direct voice phenomenon?


Direct voice phenomenon or DVP is heard most often during séances this is where spirit talks directly to the sitters. The spirit does not use the mediums voice, but the voice does come from the area around the medium usually above or to one side of the medium.


A Florida woman writes asking what NDE means?


NDE or near death experiences is when a person dies or comes very close to death and is brought back to life. They will then have very vivid memories of what occurred at this time, what was going on around them, what happened as they approached the other side.


A Michigan man asks why is the room cold when you see a ghost?


There are a few thoughts on this subject; one theory is that the ghost in order to materialize must use the heat of the room, which is energy. Another theory is that people are so frightened by seeing an actual ghost that they actually reduce their body temperature producing a chill.


A woman from Texas writes to ask what are spectral lights like those seen outside of Marfa, Texas?


The Marfa lights were first reported in 1883 by Robert Ellison, these lights are believed to be spectral lights that are actually souls of the dead. These lights are ball shaped glowing patches of light. They are white or yellow and can come in other colors too. They are usually seen in remote desolate areas and if chased they can never be reached.


A woman from Utah asks the question of what exactly is a poltergeist?


A poltergeist is a non-human spirit that is more malicious and destructive than most human spirits. The word poltergeist comes from a Greek word meaning “noisy ghost”. If there is a poltergeist haunting then there can be knockings, banging, objects being moved, fire starting, things being thrown: including furniture, items, and even stones that materialize out of no where.




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