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Ghost Ghost
Aware Foundation: Deliverance Ministry


Paranormal Pictures


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Union Cemetery and it's many spheres.

High activity at Union Cemetery.

Another view of Union Cemetery.

Ghost spheres around a tree.

A triangular sphere in Union Cemetery.

3 different pictures of ghost spheres at our old apartment sphere at our old apartment

A cluster of spheres

6 different pictures of ghost sphere

A cluster of ghost spheres

Taken seconds apart, one picture shows spheres, the other doesn't

A picture of spheres in a tree farm

A lonely sphere floating through the midnight air

Different ghost spheres at my in-laws house.

Different ghost spheres at my condo.

Different ghost spheres at a friend's house.

This was taken at the Lourdes shrine in New Milford, CT. 

This is a photo of Larry just after being ordained a priest. The orb to the left of his shoulder is possibly a family member wishing him well.

This was taken at the Brookfield Craft Store that was once the home of the Brookfield Mill that was built in 1780 there is a lot of history in this building.  

Here is a picture of a doorway in our house.  The paranormal activity was at a very high level that night.  

Here is a picture of a former mayor's house.  Notice the sphere in the gate.  

Here is a picture of a YMCA playground in Connecticut
.  During the Revolutionary war, the British burned this area during a battle.


In this area, Rochambeau marched with his men in 1781 during the winter, there is supposed to be where two French soldiers are buried. More than likely they froze to death as it was very cold and snowy.

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