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Haunted America

Fort Mifflin: Labeled as the Fort that saved America, this 1700's style fort has a lot of history that is still being played out to this day. In the casements there are many sightings of ghostly soldiers that were held as prisoners during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. In one of the rooms there is the specter of a civil war era soldier that was held there, for desertion and murdering a commanding soldier that was sent to bring him back to Fort Mifflin, he later eventually escaped. He was recaptured and hung at Fort Mifflin for his supposed crimes, a year later he was pardoned. Where the scaffold stood for the his hanging, the only one at Fort Mifflin grass refuses to grown.
In the barracks the apparition of a woman is often seen she is labeled the "screaming woman" because blood curdling screams are heard just before she is seen running from her room. The story is that her husband was an officer at the fort and her only daughter fell in love with an enlisted man, something that was not done, she ran off with him and later died from yellow fever. The distraught mother upon hearing of her beloved daughters death ran from her room screaming she was brought back and calmed down, but later that night she was found hanging from the railing outside her room. Her former room is also very haunted cold breezes gently touch visitors faces, ghost lights dance in the back room cascading from the closet and encircling the room. And people have been pushed.
In a large room in the dungeon there is an entity that does not like "painted blonde woman" he will pinch, push or pull their hair, he does like red haired woman though.
In a side room off an entry way there is the impressions of a young soldier who is very frightened he enlisted to be with his older brother and is hiding worrying about his brother, he says his name is Cameron. Another room across the hall is filled with a lot of scurrying as if a lot of people are rushing back and forth. This area was not built during the Revolutionary war but was in fact a place that the soldiers did indeed come to and hide from the British.
Almost every area is haunted, the magazine has a soldier that can be heard whispering in the back left hand corner, the torpedo room has two soldiers still manning the torpedo, the artillery shed has two little girls that motion to visitors to come on back.
The blacksmith shop cannot keep a door on it as the black smith does not like it, he will kick it open.
Washington Square: this area of land was long used as a potterís field and had become the final resting place for over 2000 Continental soldiers, sailors and British prisoners, many who had died in the prison across the street. The bodies of these poor victims were unceremoniously dumped from the windows into the shallow graves many without any thoughts or prayers. Also many severed limbs were also dumped into this area as well. Witnesses have seem many apparitions in period dress walking along the area, there is a very heavy depressing feeling inside the walls of the square. Walking to the square many people report the feeling of someone walking with them and many people report seeing Benjamin Franklin walking with them.
La Trobe
St. Vincentís Archabbey: this quiet abbey is located at St. Vincentís college, it is run by the Benedictine monks. In the hall way adjacent to the Basilica is a area that visitors report the feelings of someone rushing by them perhaps on the way to prayers. There are reported visions of long ago monks at prayer, still working in the old kitchen that was almost destroyed by fire, walking to mass, there are also visions of nuns as well.
Going down the stairs to the underground sanctuaries you can hear the monks of long ago chanting their prayers.
In the cemetery where all the monks are buried one can see the faces of the brothers and sisters that once lived and worshiped there. As well as a long ago funeral procession.



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