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Days of Interest

This is a list of some of the scariest, superstitions and just plain bizarre days of the year. Some are forgotten customs and some are still practiced today.

Jan.6 -Epiphany- English tradition says that brooms should be tied down on this day to prevent witches from using them.
Throughout Europe the dead are believed to walk on this night.
And in Austria they call this night St. Bertha's night- they believe that the Devil is abroad in the land.

Feb2 -Candlemas-Avoid cemeteries on this day, because if you hear a bell toll at a funeral the number of peals will equal the number of days that will pass until you hear of a friend's death.

Feb 18-20 -Feralia, feast of Manes- A Roman ceremony that honors the Manes-good spirits in charge of cemeteries. During the Feast of Manes, sacrifices of food were offered to those spirits, and the blood of black sheep, pigs and oxen was poured on selected graves.

Mar 1-The English believe that if you plant a tree on this day it will bring terrible luck.

Mar 25-Kaous-In many countries it is believed that if a woman conceives on March 25 and given birth on Christmas eve the child will become Kaous-a malicious demon.

April 4-St. Mark's Day- According to English tradition if you sit inside a church door on St Mark's Eve at midnight you will see a ghost of all the townspeople who will die in the coming year pass into the church.

April 30-May Eve- In Ireland, people believe that food left over from May Eve must not be eaten but rather buried, in order to avoid great harm.
On the Isle of Man, today, the youngest member of the family gathers primrose on this evening and throws them before the door of the family home to keep out the evil spirits.
Walpurgis Night in Germany is a huge festival for witches on April 30. If you eat a piece of wild radish on that night you will be able to see ghost and witches. If you see a rabbit either hopping or grazing the next morning it is actually a witch in disguise.

May3-Dismal Day- The English believe it is unlucky to start any new work or business on this day.

May 9,11,13-Lemuralia-According to ancient Roman superstition these 3 days were used to rid ones home of lemurs, evil spirits of the dead. During this time marriages and other happy events were prohibited. To get rid of the lemurs, the Romans turned their faces away and threw black beans on the graves of the dead, they also burned black beans in their homes, they believed that the stench would make the ghost go away.

May 14-St.Boniface's Day-The Scottish believe that whatever day of the week St. Boniface's Day falls on will be an unlucky day throughout the rest of the year, for example if it falls on a Monday then all Monday's for the rest of the year will be unlucky.

May 17-St. Dunstan's day- according to English tradition it is unlucky to be born on that day.

July 25-St Jame's Day- In Germany it is considered unlucky to climb a tree on this day.

Oct 31-All Hallow's Eve-For the Celts, an ancient people who lived in the British Isles thousand's of years ago, this evening that was before the festival of Samhain, lord of the dead. Ghost and Evil spirits believed to roam the land.
The holiday on November 1 was later changed to a Christian celebration of the saints-ALL SAINTS DAY. But the night before- All Hallows Eve- remained a night of mystery and dread, when evil forces are free to do as they will.

Nov. 2-All Soul's Day-English legend has it that two people stumbling around a darkened room at midnight on all soul's day will never see each other again.

Dec 28-Innocent's Day- The English believe this is a very unlucky day to get married.

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