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Website Info

1. This site is in no way related or affiliated with United Airlines or its aircraft's manufacturers.

2. Nothing on this page cannot be copied or recreated without the webmaster's written permission. This excludes ONLY downloads and their picture and description, any logos created by any other website, other than this one (Ex.,, banners, and newsfeeds. If you do not understand this, please contact me.

3. If you copy anthing that I've specified above that's okayed by me, REMEMBER that these things may be copyrighted by their respectful owners and it still might not be okay to copy them.

4. Now that I'm done with that legal stuff, here's some other info about my site. All pictures of the planes at the top of the UA pages were taken from Denver International Airport on a muggy day (sorry about their quality).

5. Info about planes may be incorrect because I possibly entered it wrong(although highly unlikely).

6. To download the panels and sound you will be sent to where you will have to have your own login name and password and will need to go to the search section in the Main Menu and type in the file name provided to find the download the specific sound or panel file.

7. If you don't understand this, E-mail me and I help you figure it out.

8. To download the planes, just click on their picture.

9. If you need any help with installing the planes, sounds, or panels, go to the help secton at and there should be plenty of help there to figure out your problem.