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Boeing 777-200

The 777 is a 21st century wide-bodied aircraft that is fully fly-by-wire. My favorite!


First Flight: June 14,1994..........Wingspan: 199ft 11in..........Length: 209ft 1in

Height: 60ft 9in ..........# of Passangers: 320..........Fuel Capacity: 31,000 US gal

Range: 5,925sm..........Cruising Speed: 555mph..........Engines: 2 PW4000, GE90, R-R Trent 800




United Airlines Boeing 777-200 By: Camil Valiquette

The ProMax Series will include the maximum moving parts (Elevators, ailerons, rudders, flaps with 3D mechanism, spoilers, landind gears and doors)
The maximum 3D parts (Vertical stabilizer, rudder, horizontal stabilizer, elevator, flaps'mechanism, engine supports...)
The maximum 3D parts, up to 15, inluding the exclusive tail logo lighting.
AF99 circle,12 sided fuselage and engines. For lighting tail and cockpit bleu dots: (press L). For the landing lights: (press Ctrl and L)
The wings landing lights will automatically light on from 0 to 250 Knots and light off over 250 knots.


United Airlines Boeing 777-200 By: Camil Valiquette

ATTENTION: Ligting textures have a price!!!
(For this Boeing 777, I had to remove some parts and moving sequences to install the lighting textures)
Quick note about night textures (bmp). The good thing about this aircraft is that you can edit all the bmp textures, put more or less night windows, change color or brightness etc.
Include moving parts (flaps, landind gears, engine fans).Sorry the mdl file can't take no more. The side fuselage landing lights could be swicth on/off with "L"
The lights for the inside engines, will automatically light on from (25 to 280 knots) For the vapor trail: (press i)