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D_e_a_d_e_y_e's Bucky O' Hare Fansite

Welcome to D_e_a_d_e_y_e's Bucky O' Hare page. There aren't many Bucky O' Hare sites, so I decided to dedicate some of my spare time into making one and reviving such a great thing.


I need help from you guys, the fans! I need more pictures for the Collectibles section, and any pictures at all for a gallery section and to make this site a little less bland. Please help! Thank you!


Holy wow! After browsing through some old links on one of my more ancient computers, I remembered about good old Bucky O' Hare! Now, after two years, this website can be built back up again. It's not the greatest thing in the world, and it won't be due to my sucky HTML skills, but after 17,000 hits by you loyal Bucky fans I definetly owe it to all of you to try to maintain it again. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT. Here I come!

This site was started on 2/11/01.

This site was last updated on 12/27/03.

Thanks to Echidna, JC and DN for helping out with submissions to the site!

Bucky O' Hare is copyright Continuity Comics, all that good stuff.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Want to chat? Email me -

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