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The Black Wall

They call Qenar the Forest Land for its trees, the Iron Land for its mountains and its soldiers. They call Qenar the Blackguard Land because it is the last eastern nation before you enter the Ashen Lands, where shadows are more than shadows and the night preys on the weary.

The Black Wall--click to enter

For years the Qenaren have stood against the Ashen Lands, and for years the shadows have been silent. Recently the Qenaren have relaxed their vigilance and hired out as mercenaries--and turned wary eyes upon the west, for the tales of the Ashen Lands have faded in memory, and there are those who seek to make the Forest Land their own.

For the first time in countless seasons the Black Wall of Qenar, which separates the Ashen Lands from the settled lands, goes lightly guarded...and for the first time, the shadows stir.

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