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I would like to Dedicate my BBK Site, in loving memory of Mark Lenard, who played Ambassador Sarek, as well as, a Klingon and a Romulan in the Original Series.
From his Character portrayal of Ambassador Sarek, I have chosen a logical storyline for my site.
And if there truly are other life forms out there, I hope they will be much like the Vulcans. A peaceful and logical race.

I have placed a few buttons here and there. However, for the most part, I have used pictures for links. It is after all, an interacive website. I hope you will join in the fun and the spirit of the BBK Campaign.

Mark Lenard


1924 - 1996

The Needs Of The Many, Out Weigh The Needs Of The Few , Or The One...Bring Back Kirk...It Is Logical !


No_Falling No_Smashing



The News of Great Conflict Reaches Vulcan
"Ambassador Sarek will see you now. He is most fascinated with this particular issue, and most interested in ending this long dispute between Earth and Paramount.
He has also requested that I escort you to him. Please, come with me."

Amanda, Spock's_Mother, will lead you to the Ambassador
This way...

You may come back and sign the The Ambassador's Diplomatic Record, which is just beneath me, after you have spoken with the Ambassador. His Shuttle back to Vulcan will be leaving soon. So, time is of the essence.
Follow Amanda to Sarek Follow Amanda to Sarek
Ambassador Sarek's Diplomatic Record
sign Diplomatic Log view
May you live long, and prosper!

Please feel free to send me an E-Mail.
Especially if you find any broken links.
I am in the process of adding Memorial Sites to honor all those who have entertained us for so many years. There will be a Guestbook at each site. This is not a listbot. Just a sharing of friendships not forgotten.
Guardian Angel
Follow the Angel to my Memorial Gardens,
So that we may visit once again with those we cared so much for in this life.

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