Sound Wave's Bat ModeSound Wave's Alligator Mode
Allegiance: Mutant
Size: Deluxe
Difficulty of Transformation: Easy
Beast Modes: Bat and alligator
Color Scheme: Light brown, tan, yellow, silver, shiny blue-gray dark green, and some bright red, dark red, and transmetal silver
Rating: 7.0

    Soundwave's bat mode looks decent, but only from one angle (the angle shown in the picture above). From any other angle except head-one, Soundwave's bat mode looks... broken up. His wings aren't connected as one piece- in fact, the wings consist of only flaps of plastic extended from from his midsection, the underside of the alligator hands, and a small panel attached to those hands that flips out to conceal the gap between the two different wing pieces from a head-on view. From any other angle, it basically looks like the bat hands hands, and is extending them in a "I don't know" gesture, with a bunch of flaps of skin hanging off of him. This is the poorest feature of this mode by far. To have a mode that only looks "solid" from one angle does not say that it's a good design. One may also notice that this toy is rather small for a deluxe- in fact, it's almost the size of a basic! I'm glad this downsizing of the deluxes wasn't a permanent trend... The yellow markings on the bat's stomach and wings are rather odd in their placement- since when does a bat have markings like that?! The face is rather cartoony in appearance as well. Frankly, this mode looks more like some sort of winged monster than an actual bat. Thankfully, his wings can move a bit to "flap" in this mode, but it's still rather pointless since his wings are made up of two completely separate pieces each. Soundwave's robot head is visible in this mode, and at a rather humorous location- press a tab on the back of Soundwave's bat head, and his mouth opens up, showing the robot head inside! Hilarious! One can almost image a "robot mode" consisting of the robot head in place of the bat head for the bat mode. The robot head itself looks to be in pain, and for good reason- there's damaged detailing on the robot head as well. Rather interesting, and demanding a backstory. Another clue that Soundwave is a robot in disguise is that, if you pull down his chest panel in this mode, a bunch of robotic detailing is shown underneath! Neat! The Mutant allegiance symbol is visible in this mode on the aforementioned chest panel.
    Alligator mode is much better than the bat mode, and is convincing from all angles. There's a rather obvious proportion problem in this mode, however; the front feet are HUGE when compared with the back feet! It would have been better is Hasbro had made this a bit less obvious and made the front feet a tad smaller. The front feet are also so large that the shoulder ball joints can't hold them up, and tend to sag a bit without support in this mode. Also, a bit more paint detailing in this mode would have been appreciated. Although the mold detailing is great, with scales and veins molded right in, the paint detailing is scarce, consisting only of some of the back scales, the back claws, and the crocodile eyes. Some painting on the front claws, the teeth, and more of the back scales would have made this mode more catching to the eye. The movement in this mode is good, however- the legs can move in three places each, and the tail can move in two as well. Although it looks like it can, the alligator mouth cannot move unless you unhook the stomach panels in this mode. Hasbro could have easily fixed this, which adds to the "unfinished" look in this mode.
    A rather mediocre toy all around. With a bit of tweaking, this could have been a better toy, but as it is, I only recommend this toy to completists or people who are interested in the whole "Beast Mutants" concept. Otherwise, it'd be wise to skip Soundwave.

Soundwave Bio:
MOTTO: "From the sky to the sea, they will respect me."
Soundwave is a welcome ally to the forces. Bat mode makes him ideal for stealth aerial recon missions. Ultra-sensitive internal radar can detect even the slightest disturbances. Alligator jaws penetrate every known alloy. Tail sends seismic circuit-disrupting shockwaves through terra firma. Like his fellow Mutant warriors, Soundwave is dark and brooding; has a tendency to be overly dramatic.
Strength: 6.8
Intelligence: 6.7
Speed: 8.4
Endurance: 5.3
Rank: 5.0
Courage: 8.9
Firepower: 7.7
Skill: 7.9

Review by Beastbot

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