Poison Bite
Poison Bite's Barracuda ModePoison Bite's Scorpion Mode
Allegiance: Mutant
Size: Deluxe
Difficulty of Transformation: Medium
Beast Modes: Barracuda and Scorpion
Color Scheme: Red, dull red, black, yellow, sparkly dark aquamarine, and some white and silver
Rating: 7.7

    Barracuda mode is excellent. The detailing is VERY nice, with many bumps and small pits molded in. While this doesn't look like a real barracuda, mostly because of the color scheme, the whole "mutant" idea gives some leeway in the color department. The articulation isn't all that great in this mode (only the front two fins and the mouth can move), but this is to be expected of a sea creature. The only downside I can find in this mode is the fact that the tailfin looks very odd, as it is four of the scorpion legs connected together, and can come apart rather easily. Other than that, this is a great mode.
    Although the scorpion mode isn't quite as extra-free as the barracuda mode, it's still a pretty good mode overall. There are basically two ways you can have this mode done; one is to swing the tailfins forward and plug their pegs into their corresponding holes to form the front four legs, while straightening out the back fins to become the back four legs. This is the mode shown above. This is the way that you are told to transform it in the directions, but it has a major flaw; the scorpion doesn't seem to have any real body, and just a big plate on its back connecting its head, claws, tail, and legs. The back four legs can't move seperately as well, and have a thin piece of plastic connecting them. The positive to this mode, however, is that the scorpion can stand on its legs in this mode (a rare feature among arachnid and insect transformers). The other way to form this mode is to swing the tailfins forward like discussed previously and peg them into their holes, but, instead of swinging the back four leg-fins out to form the legs, you keep them where they are, and close the two skin-flap halves after you are done rotating the front four legs. This makes the scorpion look like he has more "body", but the leg movement is severely limited, and the scorpion can't stand up on them. The scorpion also has only four legs in this mode as well. Since both modes have their advantages and disadvantages, it's up to you to decide which one you like better. Now, onto the features common to both modes. The only major complaint I have common to both modes is that the claws are not evenly rounded, but are only rounded on one side and are straight on the other, making it obvious these two halves come together to form the barracuda head. One clever idea with the claws, however, is "hiding" the barracuda face with the fins, making them look a little more like genuine claws then head halves. Although the fins may stay in their place for a while, the ball joints here eventually get a little loose, and you may have the fins flopping around when you move him later on. Other odd features in this mode are that the "head crest" makes the scorpion head look longer than it should, the odd "fins" hanging off of the legs, and that the tail is jointed in an odd manner, with the middle of the tail behind, instead of above, the beginning of the tail. The robot head is seen by pushing down on the tail stinger, which lifts a panel that keeps the head out of sight most of the time. The robot head looks very odd, kinda like a cybernetic chipmunk. The mutant allegiance symbol is on the left side of the right claw, it's very easy to spot. Since Hasbro does not want you to forget that this is a transformer, a little "weapon detail" is shown if you open a panel on Poison Bite's right claw; there's some wires and other mechanical devices molded inside!
    Pretty good in both modes, although the scorpion mode looks a little odd in some areas. Recommended.

Poison Bite Bio:
FUNCTION: Special Operations
MOTTO: "A strong spark ought to bear calamities and not flee them."
A silent warrior, Poison Bite is completely loyal to his leader, Icebird. Does not like the mutator mission but accepts it as a necessary element to a higher vision. Feels abandoned by the Oracle and acts like the one whose kind will soon be extinct. Broods on this topic often. Well-liked by his fellow warriors who often feel compelled to console his moments of depression. Extremely dangerous - can shatter alloys at will. Teleports up to 30 meters at a time in barracuda and scorpion modes. Does not attack Maximals, but will not come to their rescue either.
Strength: 8.0
Intelligence: 6.0
Speed: 7.0
Endurance: 8.0
Rank: 6.0
Courage: 8.0
Firepower: 6.0
Skill: 9.0

Review by Beastbot

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