Razor Claw (Mutant)
Razor Claw's Raptor ModeRazor Claw's Wolverine Mode
Allegiance: Mutant
Size: Deluxe
Difficulty of Transformation: Medium
Beast Modes: Raptor and Wolverine
Color Scheme: Dark green, black, lime-greenish off-white, orange, and some white and silver
Rating: 6.7

    Raptor mode is very cool- definitely superior to the original Dinobot's, because it has no underbelly extras. It is also more accurate to an actual raptor- the arms are longer, the legs don't stick out from the body, etc. As with most Beast Wars toys, the detailing is great, with little ridges carved everywhere in the plastic. The little asymmetrical design on Razor Claw's back is nice, too. The claws are amazingly articulated- the big "raptor claw" can move up and down seperately, the "little toe" can move from side to side seperately, and the two middle claws can move up and down together. This articulation can be made into many funny gestures, such as the peace sign and "Dr. Evil" (Take the little toe out to the side, bring the big claw a little back, bring the two middle claws all the way down, and hold it up sideways to the mouth). There are only two minor problems I have with this mode. For one, the middle of the tail looks odd, because the tip of the tail is made to revolve between the raptor and wolverine tails. It's also a little short for a raptor tail, and the neat black lines on Razor Claw's back don't continue onto the end of the tail like they should. The second is that the orange on the wolverine feet make them very noticeable, and not as easy to overlook as the green wolverine legs on Razor Claw's underbelly. A minor problem is that this toy is very small for a deluxe- in the wolverine mode especially, it looks like a big basic. The mutant symbol is on Razor Claw's upper left leg, you can't miss it. The robot head is viewed by lifting up the panel on the back of Razor Claw's upper raptor neck and forehead. The robot head looks very weird, kinda like an insect with a mustache. It has no visible mouth. One cool feature is that the tip of the robot antennae form the raptor eyes.
    Wolverine mode is pretty poor, especially when compared with the excellent raptor mode. For one thing, it's GREEN. Real wolverines aren't green! Hasbro should have picked a main color for this mutant that could have easily looked right in both modes, such as brown. (Even the box art has the wolverine mode shown as brown.) Another major problem is that the back legs are only slightly over half the size of the front legs! Also, the claw colors don't match- the back feet claws are orange, while the front feet claws are that lime-greenish off-white stuff. The detailing in this mode, although greatly crafted, seems to alternate between parts as that of scales and that of fur, making this look like one freaky wolverine. The front legs are also clearly raptoresque in their structure.  Yet another major problem with this mode is that the wolverine tail actually starts under Razor Claw's stomach, and pokes out from under the bottom of his rear, another feature that adds to this mode's oddity. The last, but less major, problem is that the raptor arms are very noticeable from a head-on view on Razor Claw, as they make up the bottom neck and chest of the wolverine, and look weird. On the upside, the posability's pretty good in this mode. :)
    A great raptor mode, but a very weak wolverine mode.

Razor Claw Bio:
MOTTO: "Greater dooms win greater destinies!"
Razor Claw’s loyalty and self-sacrifice is unmatched by any of the mutants. Goes into battle with crusader-like enthusiasm; relishes tearing apart Predacons in both dino mode and wolverine mode. Does not care for Maximals but realizes they are necessary for a total organic existence. Secretly jealous of their ability to convert to robot mode. Tremendous speed as wolverine borders on teleportation; negative ion shield in dino mode makes him impervious to firepower.
Strength: 6.0
Intelligence: 7.0
Speed: 8.0
Endurance: 8.0
Rank: 5.0
Courage: 8.0
Firepower: 7.0
Skill: 9.0

Review by Beastbot

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