Icebird's Polar Bear ModeIcebird's Owl Mode
Allegiance: Mutant
Size: Deluxe
Difficulty of Transformation: Medium
Beast Modes: Polar bear and Owl
Color Scheme: Off-white, light grey, red, dark bluish-grey, and some bright pinkish-red, transmetal silver, orange, dark green, pink, and black
Rating: 8.3

    Polar bear mode is pretty nicely done. The only owl extra you can see at first glance in this mode is the owl feathers, which are tucked in the bear's midsection. Originally, these feathers wouldn't stick out that bad, but the fact that they are a different color then their surrounding parts kind of gives them away. Snowy white feathers would have been easier to blend in with the rest of the mode than light grey ones. Another, slightly less obvious, owl extra is the owl head, of which the bottom part can be seen sticking out of the bear's butt. It's only a little bit, though, and doesn't subtract from the mode that much. Icebird also has the orange flair from the owl's stomach on his chest in this mode, but it actually adds a bit to the mode instead of subtracting from it; you have to admit, a completely white-and-grey figure can be a bit dull. Icebird's proportions in this mode are overall pretty nice, but the claws are ridiculously large. I have no idea why the claws were made this large, since they look too large in owl mode as well. I guess to make Icebird more "menacing". Go figure. The front legs are also a bit larger than the back legs, but this is not nearly as bad proportionally as, say, the Mutant Razor Claw's wolverine mode. This mode is pretty articulated for a bear mode, complete with 2-3 points of articulation on each leg, a moving neck and head, and a moving mouth. Even the small tail can move up and down! You can find Icebird's silver Mutant symbol on his right shoulder. If you lift up the panel the symbol is on, there is some hidden metal parts underneath! Neat! Icebird's mutant robot head can be revealed by lifting up the panel behind the bear head. A spring will automatically retract the bear head and push out the mutant head. The curved robot head is mostly blue-grey, with green eyes, and seems slightly deformed. The mutant robot head may look rather odd, as do any of the others, but this one has a rather cool position- if you put this head in place of the bear head and stand the bear mode up, you can actually create a fake "robot mode" for Icebird, by making the front bear legs the hands and the rear bear legs the feet! It's funny, if nothing else.
    Icebird's owl mode is surprisingly good as well. The other Mutants suffer majorly in one mode because of the other mode, but not so with Icebird. What's nice is that the fur detailing in the bear mode also works as a "feather coat" detailing job in owl mode. Only a few small proportionality problems keep this mode from being rather convincing. For one, the owl legs and talons are a bit too large, but this is no big deal. One might also note that the wings are bit too small. If this owl were actually a living creature, his rather small wings would never be able to lift the rest of his body up. It's really no big deal, though. The wings are articulated in three places each, however, which allows Icebird to "fold up" his wings against his body, a feature that few other winged transformers can do. There are two things that bug me about this mode, however. First, one can clearly see the red claws of the back legs of the bear mode in the sides of the owl's chest. It's very obvious from almost any angle, and detracts from the "solid" feel of this mode. What is also rather annoying is that the tail feathers are on a spring for some unknown reason, and they always want to keep retracting into the body. You actually have to position the owl legs in front of the tail feathers to do this. As one can imagine, this is a pain. Icebird's "action feature" in this mode is that, when you press on a tab in his forehead, his beak should move up and down a little. It really doesn't work that well, however, and even when it does work, the beak barely moves at all. Not a very rewarding action feature. Still, though, this is a pretty good mode to play with.
    The only Mutant that is pretty nice in both modes, although Icebird does suffer from a few flaws in each mode that kept him from getting a higher score. Still, I recommend this Mutant over all the others.

Icebird Bio:
FUNCTION: Mutant Beast Commander
MOTTO: "He who fights with monsters should take care lest he becomes a monster."
Sage-like leader of the mutants. Very wise and powerful. Possesses colossal size and strength in bear mode - silent aerial abilities in owl mode. Resentful of his lost ability to convert to robot mode. Believes mission is to nullify technology completely and evolve into a purely organic existence. Does not fight with the Maximals, but believes they are a necessary component of the organic evolution. Can communicate telepathically, become invisible, read minds and shut down machinery at will. Views Optimus Primalís heroics with forgiving tolerance. Greatly feared by Megatron.
Strength: 8.4
Intelligence: 8.9
Speed: 7.9
Endurance: 7.5
Rank: 10.0
Courage: 9.0
Firepower: 8.9
Skill: 9.0

Review by Beastbot

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