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Barbarian Librarian

Welcome to the Barbarian Librarian's Lair

Barbarian Librarian FAQ

What do you mean by "Barbarian"?
The Oxford English Dictionary defines "barbarian": as:



barbarian barbe<e>.rian, sb. and a. Also 6-ien. a. Fr. barbarien (16th c.), f.Fr. barbarie or L. barbaria (see Barbary), on L. type *barbarianus; cf. OFr. chrestien:-L. christianus.

A. sb.1. etymologically, A foreigner, one whose language and customs differ from the speaker's. 2. Hist.a. One not a Greek. b. One living outside the pale of the Roman empire and its civilization, applied especially to the northern nations that overthrew them. c. One outside the pale of Christian civilization d. With the Italians of the Renascence: One of a nation outside of Italy 3. A rude, wild, uncivilized person. 4. Applied by the Chinese contemptuously to foreigners. 5. A native of Barbary. Obs

B. adj.1. Applied by nations, generally depreciatively, to foreigners; thus at various times and with various speakers or writers: non-Hellenic, non-Roman (most usual), non-Christian. 2. Uncivilized, rude, savage, barbarous. 3. Of or belonging to Barbary. Obs.

What do you mean by "Librarian"?
A person who collects information resources, and helps you access them. 
So, what is a Barbarian Librarian?
A person who to collects and helps you access information resources about Barbarians, all while wearing leather and a big knife. For example, Click here for a bibliography on the Xiongnu.
Just Don't Piss Me Off
Is that YOU in the picture? and are you REALLY a librarian?
Yes, and yes.
Are you really a barbarian?
That depends on the definition you use. Go back and read the OED definition again, and you can decide for yourself.
Are you mean?
Usually not, but don't make me come over there and shush you! 
Can I email you with my comments, suggestions, etc.?
Email me at