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(Find Forms Fast!)

JS Menus For E-Mail

(JS Urls Now Included!)

JS Drop-Down Menus For E-Mail

Design 1

HTML For Drop-Down Menus for E-Mail

JS Jumpbox Menus For E-Mail

Design 1

HTML For Jumpbox Menus for E-Mail

Tips & Tricks
  • If you want to make your jumpbox
    a scrolling checkbox, remove NOCHECKBOXES from the Select Tag.
  • If you specify '1' for the SIZE attribute in the Select Tag you will get a silver 'drop-down' menu button like the Page Contents Button above.
  • To add more links to your menu - C,C&P this: <<>option value="YOUR URL HERE"<>> TITLE OF PAGE HERE - with similar lines & add real titles & Urls instead of capitalized instructions.

  • 'One-Click' JumpBox Menus

    (For Web Pages Only)

  • The above Tips & Tricks work on these Menus also.

  • HTML For 'One-Click' Jumpbox Menu

    Radio and Checkbox Menus

    (For Web Pages Only)

    Example of Radio Button Menu to Retrieve Sound or Image Files

     Star Trek Sound Effects?
    Beam Up Sound
    Hailing Whistle
    Holodeck Opening
    Ship's Doors

    HTML For Radio Button Menu

    Example of Radio Button Menu to Solicit E-Mail Responses from
    Your Site Visitors.

    Is Background Music Worthwhile On a WebSite?

    Yes, it's great.
    No, it's annoying.

    HTML For Radio Button Visitor Quiz

    Example of Checkbox Menu to Solicit E-Mail Responses from
    Your Site Visitors.

    Which Forms from this Site Have You Used?

    JS Bug Alerts
    WebTV Buttons
    Music On-Off Buttons
    JS E-Mail Menus
    Radio & Checkbox Menus
    WebPage E-Mail Forms

    HTML For Checkbox Visitor Quiz

    Tips & Tricks
  • Use a Radio Button Menu when only one response is desired; and a Checkbox Menu when more then one response is allowed.
  • Radio Button Menus allow only one item at a time to be selected, if each Input Tag has the same NAME attribute.
  • Checkbox Menus allow more than one 'checked' item at a time.
  • The VALUE attribute in Checkbox & Radio Input Tags should contain the same 'Answer' you display in your quiz.

  • Web Page E-Mail Forms

       Receive E-Mail comments from viewers of your page without giving out your E-Mail address.

    Web Page E-Mail Form Example

    Questions? Comments?
    Snide Remarks?
    E-Mail Me!

    HTML For Web Page E-Mail Form

    Tips & Tricks
  • IMPORTANT! Take out the 'X' in the closing Textarea Tag: <<>x/textarea<>>
  • As you may notice the 'screen' on this E-Mail Form is made from a Form Button Bif. If you want a conventional Textarea 'screen', remove the BORDERIMAGE attribute and its 'bif' address from the Textarea Tag and add:
    bgcolor="SOME COLOR"
    to choose a 'screen' color.
  • If you would like a different size 'screen', besides changing the WIDTH of the TABLE you must change the COLS and ROWS attributes in the Textarea Tag. COLS is a measure of the number of columns of letters in a ROW.

  • Animated Gifs As Link Buttons

    (For E-Mail, Posts, and Web Pages)

       Animated Gif Link Buttons let you turn off the 'Yellow Cursor Box' and will look the same on Computers or WebTV.

    Animated Gif Link Button Example


    HTML For Animated Gif Link Buttons

    Animated Gif Link Button URL

    (Transload To Your Site + Rename URL in HTML)

    Tips & Tricks
  • The above Gif Button Example uses one Gif Url for two Link Buttons. In order for this to work, the first URL ends in ?1" and the second identical URL ends in ?2". This must be left the same even when changing URLs.
  • While Animated Gif Buttons will look the same on a Computer, only on WebTV will the Gifs animate only upon being selected.
  • These Button Gifs animate only when selected because ANIMATEONSELECT is included in the AniGif's '<<>Img Src Tag'
  • No 'Yellow Cursor Box' is visible with the Link Buttons because the '<<>A Href Tag' includes NOHIGHLIGHT.