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Awards and Gifts
 Thank You, Jo.....I'll treasure this always..

Thank You Fairy Joli..

Thank you Hey You Sir!!
What a treat just for dusting!! Big Hugs!

Wowza thanks Saxy
this means a lot !!

Wow!! What a wonderful surprise
Thank you Fairy Stardust!!

This is from Ree (Ree's Homepage)
visit her!, She's such a sweetie!!!


Thanks Syzilla!!
She is a 3-time Dome winner!!
and super spirited!!

From Wee One Enia
for the Dragons!!

From Fairy DSneak
Matt and Maynard
Thank you soo  much!! *hug*

Thanks Cool Gal
visit her she has a AWESOME site

From DScribe
just for parying in guestbooks *grin*