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Fairy Poems
The Fairy Beam Upon You
by Ben Jonson

The fairy beam upon you,
The stars to glister on you,
  A moon of light
n the noon of night,
Till the firedrake hath o'er-gone you.
The wheel of fortue guide you,
The boy with the bow beside you
Run aye in the way
Till the bird of day
And the luckier lote betide you.
The Fairy Lover
by Moireen Fox

 It is by yonder thorn that I saw the fairy host
(O low night wind, O wind of the west!)
My love rode by, there was gold upon his brow,
 And since that day I can neither eat nor rest.
 I dare not pray lest I should forget his face
 (O black north wind blowing cold beneath the sky!)
His face and his eyes shine between me and the sun:
If I may not be with him I would rather die.
They tell me I am cursed and I will lose my soul,
(O red wind shrieking o're the thorn-grown dun!)
But he is my love and I go to him to-night,
Who rides when the thorn glistens white beneath the moon.
He will call my name and lift me to his breast,
(Blow soft O wind 'neath the stars of the south!)
  I care not for heaven and I fear not hell
f I have but the kisses of his proud red mouth.
Do Fairies Like the Rain?
 by Barbara M. Hales

Do Fairies like a rainy day?
No! They hide and cry;
Their filmy wings--if they get wet
 Would sag, and never fly.
Rain drops, rain drops
Leave the Fairies be!
Fall upon the Leprechaun
Or the Mermaids in the sea.
Do Pixies like a rainy day?
A-piping through the dell?
 The Pixies must enjoy the rain;
Thats when they weave their spell.
Rain drops, rain drops
Play a Pixie-tune
But don't fall on the Fairies
n the Pink and Green Lagoon.
Do Giants like a rainy day?
Oh yes! it makes them shout!
They love the large and massive prints
  Their huge boots hollow out.
 Rain drops, rain drops,
 Giants LOVE the rain.
But don't fall on the Fairies
Or they will all complain.
The Fairy Man
by Mary Gilmore 

 It was, it was a fairy man,
 Who came to town to-day;
"I'll make a cake for sixpence
 If you will pay, will pay."
 I paid him with a sixpence,
And with a penny too;
 He made a cake of rainbows,
 And baked it in the dew.
 The stars he caught for raisins,
 The sun for candied peel
The moon he broke for spices
 And ground it on a wheel.
 He stirred the cake with sunbeams,
 And mixed it faithfully
   With all the happy wishings
 That come to you and me.
He iced it with a moonbeam, 
 He patterned it with play,
And sprinkled it with star dust
From off the Milky Way.