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Some Dragon Poems
By: Jack Plutsky
I'm an amiable dragon, 
And I have no wish to scare, 
Do not tremble at my presence, 
Do ignore my lethal stare, 
Do not fret about the fire 
I unleash it into the air, 
You are free to pass unchallenged- 
But only if you dare!
I am waiting waiting waiting for my dragon egg
to hatch, 
 I've been waiting waiting waiting for a year 
Ever since I found it hidden in my mother's garden patch- 
Now I think my baby dragon's almost here. 
I have never had a dragon of my very own before, 
 And I wonder, will my dragon breathe a flame? 
Will it greet me every morning with a friendly little roar? 
 Will it answer when I summon it by name? 
 I am counting off the seconds till my dragon first appears, 
Poking through the shell to freedome with a horn, 
 I can't wait to see its winglets, tiny muzzle, tail and ears, 
When my brand new baby dragon's finally born. 
I wish I had a dragon 
With diamond-studded scales, 
With claws like silver sabers, 
And fangs like silver nails, 
 A dragon fierce and faithful, 
Always ready by my side, 
 A dragon to defend me 
Or take me for a ride. 
I wish I had a dragon 
With eyes of shinning gold, 
Who breathed a plume of fire 
 Whenever it was told, 
A dragon so ferocious 
It might frighten Frankenstein, 
But not a lazy dragon 
 Who sleeps all mine! 
I am my master's dragon 
And my master treats me well, 
 He calls me when he wants me, 
And I answer to his bell. 
He feeds me puffs of pastry 
 To reward me for my deeds, 
 And according to my master, 
I have all a dragon needs. 
My master fails to notice, 
Though I know that he is smart, 
The incalculable sadness 
 Deep within my dragon heart. 
But I am not complaining, 
I've no sorry tale to tell, 
I am my master's dragon, 
And my master treats me well.