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Just a litte journal of some of my Site Fight happenings..

Week 1

This week we're just a 
little hatchling fighting in the Nests
This was  a qualifying round.
We qualified each day
Thanks to my wonderful 

I was dusted by Fairy Cobweb, DScarlette Fairy, DKittySprinkles Fairy, and Fairy Aphrodite!! I was also tickled by a Wee Ones.*grin* Thanks Wee One Max!!
You can visit them also just go
to my I've Been Dusted page!

We also won The Dragon Fairies Special Award. Awwww 
they think i'm  special!!
well, you guys know I feel the same about you! *hugs* You can view the award by going to my Awards page.

Week 2

Yeppers we survived the Nests and now fighting in the Caverns. Yipppeee!
I was dusted by Fairy DBlossum...
and tickled my Wee One Cimerone!!
I won Fairy Cobweb's ROAR award. Thanks Cobbie!!
I also won The Best Cheer of the Day!!
Thank you Dragon Fairies!!
Awards Page


Week 3

Whoohooo We made it to 
The Mountains
With a perfect score of 60!!

Special Thanks to my wonderful supporters
I've made sooo many great friends here it is unbelievable!!
Thank you guys for such wonderful support and enouragement .
I could never have gone this 
far without you 

Lady Enchantra and Fairy Starlite stopped by to sprinkle me this week!
Love you guys!! *big hug*

I also won The Dragon Fairies 
Site of the Week!!
wow!!! thanks you soo much 
Dragon Fairies!!



Week 4

We've packed are bags, and are headed 
to the Zone!!!
I can't believe we made it this far!!!
Have I told you what wonderful supporters we have?...hehehehe
We'll just have to see 
what will happen this week!!
I can hardly wait