Sovereign Class Enhanced Deterrence Explorer (BattleCruiser)

The Sovereign class was developed in response to growing tensions between the Federation and the Klingon Empire in the 2320's and 30's. The Ambassador class Starship had just entered production and essentially, the Sovereign was the Ambassador class with the major emphasis put on weapons with new developments made every 5 years.

In the developments of 2355 and 60, Ablative Armor and Type X phaser array were included. The Borg incursions of 2367 and 2372, as well as the Destruction of the USS Odyssey by the Dominion in 2371, told Starfleet that an entirely new design was needed. An elliptical primary hull design was chosen and the Secondary Hull from the Andromeda class was scaled up to fit the new saucer design. The Soverign class is the second class of starship behind the Intrepid class scouts to use Warp Engine Nacelles that don't damage the fabric of space.

The new Type XII Phaser Emitter was included from the Prometheus class project and a powerful new heavy torpedo turret launcher was installed & provided with a magazine of 250 Quantum Torpedos. Auto Modulating Shields were also needed to protect against phased poloron weapons (Dominion) & high energy tractor beams (Borg). This is another one of the designs that the UFAS was able to copy from the UFP. As you can imagine, major improvements were made. All of the Sovereign class Ships produced by the IF now have 36 decks which provide room for families & other mission specific hardware.

Soverign Class Schematic

The UFAS's USS Excalibur fires on a unseen Romulan fleet.

Here, the Excalibur finishes a unseen WarBird off with a round of Quantum Torpedos.