Omaha Class Dreadnought

The Omaha Class was built by the UFAS to complement the Centaur and Victory classes already in service. It purpose was to act as a command ship and lead small squadrons on recconaissence, patrol & combat missions. A portion of the saucer was stretched way out to make room for the third nacelle, the two primary nacelles were placed about level with the secondary hull the then attached to the extended saucer section. Sensor, Engine and Weapon systems have been given priority and the result is one of the most sucessful Excelsior class upgrades.

All the existing sensor arrays were replaced with those from the Galaxy class giving the Omaha nearly 100% improved sensor capability over that of a standard Excelsior. Due to the enourmous power cost of the upgrades, the Warp Reactor Core was replaced with one from the Nebula class, while leaving the Warp Coils in the Nacelles untouched, this gives the Omaha 50% greater range & 49% more power. All type VIII phaser banks in the primary hull were replaced with type IX's, leaving the secondary hull armed with the remaining type VIII's.

The Deflector Shield System from the Defiant class was adapted & fitted to the Omaha along with a 10cm of Ablative armor. A full supply of Quantum Torpedos was also added.