Highlander class Frigate

The Highlander class was developed after the New Orleans class in 2368. The Design Brief called for a swift frigate with outstanding firepower. A saucer from the New Orleans class was used and fitted to two wing sections on both sides. The warp engine nacelles are located at the end of each wing. Since the saucer was so small, no torpedo launchers were fitted and the designers opted not to install bolt-on launcher packs.

Instead, they took the pulse phaser design from the Defiant class, which was beginning it's test runs and improved on it. Designated as Type XV Pulse Phasers, they have roughly 45% greater range & efficiency over those of the Defiant. This was done to increase their range and firepower. The Pulse Phaser Cannons on the Highlander class are located under and in the center of the wings.