Galaxy Class Explorer/Heavy Cruiser

Up until 2372 when the USS Enterprise E was comissioned, the Galaxy class Explorer was the most powerful and advanced starship in the Federation. As with all UFP designs, the UFAS expanded upon it, making room for many improvements. The entire deflector grid was re-designed & replaced with a far more powerful one and the sensor arrays from the Ralston class have been installed giving the Galaxy class the best sensor capability for a ship of it's size. Two new power generators were added to the Main Deflector increasing it's range and power. Many of the ships have also been outfitted with a limited number of Type XII Phaser Emitters. The upgraded Galaxy class forms the backbone of the UFAS's Fleet as a capable Explorer/Heavy Cruiser.

The schematic of a standard Galaxy Class Vessel. The mprovements made by the UFAS can't really be viewed from the outside.

This shows a side view of the Galaxy class along with the types of Shuttlecraft carried