Challenger Class Light Cruiser/Frigate

The Challenger class was the 2nd ship to use Ambassador class components in a new design besides the Apollo class Frigate. As with the Apollo class, the Warp propulsion components had to be moved into the saucer section which means there was little or no extra room for things like sensor arrays & weapon systems. The armament is identical to the Apollo class except the torpedo launchers were reduced from 4 to 2. The Launcher itself is situated between the Warp Nacelle pylons between the bidge module & the hangar bay. The hangar bay is postitioned on the aft edge in the center of the saucer. The ship is fast and hard to target due to the positioning of it's Warp Nacelles. Due to the armament and speed factors, the UFAS is classifying the Challanger as a Light Frigate/Cruiser.

Email if you think the Challenger should be a Light Frigate or a Light Cruiser.

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