Centaur class Friagte

Used heavily during the Dominion war, this ship follows the new design trend to build smaller, faster, and more powerful starship designs. It uses Excelsior class components in a classic design. The saucer is fitted with 8 Type IX Phaser Banks with a small torpedo pod mounted underneath sporting 4 Photon Torpedo Launchers. The Warp Nacelles are fitted to the extreme rear and extend out, giving the Centaur good maneuverability. The Centaur is a support ship designed to distract & harry Enemy fleet vessels.

Centaur Class Schematic

This is the schematic for the Centaur class, note the Miranda class Weapons Pod between the nacelles, bellow the saucer.

The Centaur class U.S.S Proxima is hit by a Jem'Hadar Poloron beam.

Here, the Proxima returns fire & disables the Jem'Hadar ship.