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The United Federation of Allied Ships

Why You Should Join United Federation of Allied Ships.............

The United Federation of Allied Ships was formed to create diversity among the many Sim groups & organizations out there today. We at the UFAS believe that simming should be easy & fun for all the members. We focus on each member and make sure that they get the most out of their simming experience.

The UFAS has one of the most advanced R&D departments today as well as a large fleet of diverse starships.

The following ships and stations have LOTS of personnel openings.




Strbase Clannad-Adm

Starbase Black Mountain-Adm JUnderwood/FCptEMallory

The UFAS has a large & growing council of personnel who are dedicated to providing Sims of the highest level to you, the simmer. We hope that you the simmer will choose to be apart of that and to become apart of the ever growing UFAS family. For more information on the UFAS, email me or one of the CO's. =)

Thanks For Visiting!

Fleet Admiral Michael Davenport

Chief of Staff, United Federation of Allied Ships
Provided by Trek City 2 Counter Manager

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