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Once we've finished playing, we take the boys -  who
had their supper early - up to our room. Dana sits
down to nurse Melissa while the boys and I watch
cartoons on the Disney Channel. After a while, Matthew gets up to stand in front of his aunt. "Mommy used to feed Patrick like that when he was a little baby," he informs her.

"A lot of mothers feed their babies like this when
they're very little," Scully answers."When they get a
little bigger, like Patrick, they can have baby foods
from jars."

"When they get real big, like me, they can have Happy
Meals," Matthew assures her solemnly.

Dana smiles and ruffles his hair. Soon after that,
Bill and Tara return to collect their two and we get
ready for bed.

"So, did you like your brief brush of dealing with
more than one child?" Scully asks.

"Yeah, I did."

"I hope we can have another one someday," she murmurs. "Especially since. . ."

"What?" I inquire.

"Well, let's face it, Mulder, we're both a bit old to
be first-time parents of an infant. You're 40 and I'm
close to it. If Melissa never gets a sibling, she's
likely to be completely alone in the world by the time she's in her early 30s; and that doesn't even factor in the possibility that you could be killed in the line of duty. I mean, she only has one grandparent living; most kids have three or four grandparents alive at least until they reach high school."

"Leaving off the risk we both run as F.B.I. agents, I
think she's in pretty could shape," I suggest. "After
all, your mother is in good health, which means you
can logically look forward to a long life. And let's
remember that my father didn't die of natural causes;
he was murdered. If Krycek hadn't been in that
bathroom with a gun, most likely my Dad would still be around. But, yeah, it would be nice to have another one. If it looks like it's not possible biologically, we can always look into adoption; we talked about that early on, when we both were under the impression you might not be able to conceive naturally."

She smiles and snuggles up to me.


The wedding is early the next afternoon. It is like
nothing I've ever experienced before in my entire
life. I've been to a few Catholic weddings and I've
noticed they tend to be a bit more elaborate and
exuberant than Protestant ones. Apparently, however,
Hispanic Catholics multiply the whole concept by at
least ten.

After a long bilingual wedding Mass - Christa was born in America and speaks perfect English, but I guess some of her relatives don't - we move to the parish hall for the reception. There is dancing. There is drinking. There's a whole smorgasboard full of food, both typical American stuff and things like tamales and Mexican wedding cookies.  Christa and Charles depart after a few hours in a hail of rice, but Bill Junior tells me Charles specifically told him that Christa's family will be insulted if the rest of "our side" of the family leaves before dusk. I'm mildly surprised that he's casually including me with the rest of the Scully clan; I guess we really have healed all the breaches between us, after all.

"Dana's going to have to leave soon," I explain. "She
needs to nurse Melissa."

"Ah, senor," says an aunt of Christa's, "your wife
needs place to feed the baby?"

I nod.

"In there," she gestures, indicating a small room off
the entrance hall.

I tell Scully where she's been instructed to go. She
leaves and returns about 20 minutes later, her face
flushed with laughter. She says there were two other
nursing mothers in the same room. One spoke only
Spanish, but the other was bilingual, so the three of
them carried on a conversation about birth weights,
their baby's ages, the number of children each woman
currently had and hoped for, and things of that

"It was lovely, Fox," she says. "They answered all
kinds of questions I've been sort of wondering about
but kept forgetting to ask my Mom."

"Speaking of your Mom, think we can get her to hold
Melissa for a few mintues while we dance?"

"I'm sure she'd be thrilled," Scully confirms.

We find Maggie and leave Melissa in her arms, then go
onto the dance floor. I've got no idea what the song
is playing - it's in Spanish - but it seems to be a
love song of some sort and Scully and I move in
perfect rhythm with each other. Holding her in my arms is beginning to give me certain ideas, though. I hope we can leave the reception before too terribly much longer.

As we take one last turn around the dance floor, we
bump into another couple. It's not 'til I glance over
to apologize that I realize it's Bill Junior and Tara. Once we turn away from them, I raise an eyebrow at how close they're dancing; they've never seemed to be a particularly affectionate couple before. Then it
suddenly occurs to me that - while I've seen both of
them separately on various occasions - this is the
only time I've actually seen the two of them together
when Tara hasn't been in either the very early or very late stages of one of her pregnancies. And my own recent experience has taught me that those are the two times when even a wife who is normally quite. . .friendly. . . can want to be left alone.


By the time we finally leave the wedding festivities,
it is sunset. We're alone on the elevator ride up to
our room, so I stand behind Scully and pull her
against me, running my hand up under her skirt and
along her thigh. I lean over her shoulder, like I did
on that long-ago night when I taught her to play
baseball, but this time I nibble on her ear instead of merely whispering into it.

"Mulder," she groans, "maybe you'd better cool it."

"Why?" I murmur. "We're married."

"I know," she replies, "and we've got a baby. Who is
going to want to be fed any moment now."

"Okay," I say as we walk down the corridor and into
our room. "Why don't you feed her while I go for a run along the beach. Want me to bring you a drink when I come back?"

"Please," she nods.

So I change out of my suit into a T-shirt and shorts
while Scully sits down to nurse Melissa. I enjoy the
run along the beach; it reminds me of the month we
spent in Hawaii soon after we were married. Then I
stop in the hotel bar and order a couple of Pina

When I reach our room, the lights are low and Melissa
is asleep in the crib. Scully smiles and beckons me
out to the small balcony overlooking the ocean.

"Mulder, when you said you'd bring me a drink, I
thought you meant something non-alcoholic."

"Oh, shit, Scully. I forgot you're not supposed to
have alcohol while you're nursing. I'll go get you
something else."

"It's okay, lover," she says, reching for one of the
frosty glasses. "I don't think one fruity rum drink
during the entire time I'm breastfeeding is going to
turn our daughter into an alcoholic."

I sit down on one of the chairs and pat my thigh, an
invitaton for Scully to come sit in my lap. She
eagerly complies and leans into kiss my neck.

"Can I ask you a question?" I ask quietly as we sip
our drinks and look out at the waves.

"Of course, Mulder."

"Do you regret that we didn't have a wedding like
that? A big one, with all your relatives there?"

"No, Mulder."

"C'mon, Dana! You must have dreamed about something
like that when you were a little girl!"

She sighs and runs her fingertips along the rim of her glass. "Mulder, the wedding of my dreams wouldn't have been possible unless you'd proposed the day we met."

"What do you mean?"

"You're right, Fox. I did dream of a wedding like that when I was a girl. But a big part of my dreams always included Ahab walking me down the aisle and Missy preceding me as my Maid of Honor. Daddy died only a few months after we began working together and my sister died less than two years later. By the time we reached the point in our relationship where marriage was right for us, it was too late for that. I'm glad we did what we did; the first ceremony in Las Vegas, followed by a Catholic one with my mother in attendance a few months later."

"As long as you're sure you don't feel cheated out of

"Oh, let's see," she ponders, pretending to give the
issue serious thought, "I've got a handsome husband
who loves me madly and fulfills every sexual fantasy
I've ever had - plus a few I would never have even
thought of on my own - on a nightly basis. Not to
mention that he's also kindhearted, funny and gets
along well with my mother. I've got a beautiful,
healthy baby daughter. I've got a profession I enjoy,
and superiors who are willing to be flexible enough to let me cut back on my work hours and pretty much set my own schedule now that I'm a mother. We don't have any financial problems. Hmm. . .if I've been 'cheated' out of anything in life, I'm certainly not aware of it."

I grin, kiss her lightly and finish my drink. "I'm
going to go in and take a shower," I announce, pushing her gently off my lap. "I'm all sweaty and sandy from running along the beach. You want to join me?"

"I think I'll just watch," Scully replies.

Watch? She wants to watch me take a shower? Even after all these years, Scully still keeps me guessing.

"Why do you want to watch?" I inquire as we go into
the room and pull the door to the balcony almost
closed. I leave it open just a fraction; Scully likes
the scent and sound of the ocean to be able to drift

"I don't know, " she murmurs. "I think maybe staying
in hotels all this past week has reminded me of all
those years when we used to travel together for
business before we were married. I used to wake up in
the morning to the sound of your shower going in the
room next door; I was always tempted to slip through
the connecting doors and take a peek."

"Oh," I reply as I strip and start the shower. I'm
surprised that Scully was that. . .visual. . .in her
fantasies of me. Or maybe I'm not. I've discovered
since we've been married that she has a touch of
voyeur in her. The first time I suggested we make love in front of the mirror I thought she'd demur, but she didn't.

So I take a quick shower with Scully watching, then
towel off. Now that I'm clean, I have other things in

"One of us has too many clothes on," I point out.

"You want to undress me?" she asks.

"I'm afraid I'd go too fast, maybe tear your dress," I confess. She's still wearing the dress she had on at the wedding, although she's taken off her shoes and pantyhose. So Scully nods and begins to take off her clothes. Very slowly. By the time she's finished, I'm so hard it's practically painful. I pull back the
covers of the bed and lay down, then hold open my arms for her to join me.

Scully scoots in beside me and leans down for a kiss.
It's long, slow and deep, both of us tasting and
teasing with our tongues. When we finally come up for
air, Scully dives back in for a weird kind of
almost-kiss, sucking and licking my bottom lip. Then
she moves to my neck, kissing her way from my ear to
my collarbone.

"My turn," I growl, flipping her onto her back. I zero in on her midsection, kissing first her tummy, then her thighs. When I dip my tongue into her, we both sigh in unison. The sensation is incredible. After a few minutes, she squirms away from me and pants out, "I want on top."

I nod. While Scully can climax from a variety of
different postions and stimulations, her most powerful orgasms come when we're having sexual intercourse with her on top. It's good for me, too; I can put my hands on her ass, feel her breasts rub against me and look into her face, all at the same time. So I roll onto my back and she straddles me, then guides me into her. She's so wet that I'm immediately buried to my balls.

Scully begins to ride me, moving her hips in little
circles as she glides up and down. I simply relax and
enjoy the sensation, stroking her back and bottom.
Eventually, she comes and it's a doozy. She manages to keep quiet, but she practically hyperventilates as her eyes go wide and internal muscles squeeze my cock for what seems like an eternity.

I wait for her to stop vibrating, then I grasp her
hips with my hands and begin to move. A couple of
quick, hard thrusts and I tumble over the edge as
well, moaning her name softly. We murmur mutual "I
love you"s and fall asleep like that, still joined.


The next morning we meet Maggie and Bill Junior and
his family for a farewell brunch. They're all leaving
this afternoon; Maggie is flying back to Washington
and Bill, Tara and the boys are heading home to
California. We plan to stay for a few more days doing, as Dana puts it, "touristy stuff".

"Did you tell Fox and Dana the good news?" Maggie
asks, looking at Bill.

"No, Mom, because we're not sure yet," he replies.

Scully and I exchange glances, both wondering what's
going on. Could they be expecting again? Quick work,
if they are; Patrick's not even a year old yet.

"What?" Dana asks.

"Well, I'm up for a promotion and transfer next
month," Bill answers. "Rumor has it I'll be assigned
either to the Pentagon or the Naval Academy."

It takes a minute for me to process the news, but a
delighted grin immediately sweeps across Scully's
face. "You'd be in the same area as Mom and us! Wow,
that would be great! On the days I'm not working, Tara and I could take Melissa and the boys to the park and the zoo and the beach and stuff."

As I digest this information along with my breakfast,
it occurs to me that the idea of living in the same
city as Bill Junior doesn't give me indigestion the
way I might have thought it would have. I remember the conversation Scully and I had a couple of nights ago. If we can't provide our daughter with siblings, and that's really something that's pretty much beyond our control, this might be the next best thing; having cousins she's close to - agewise, emotionally and geographically.


A few nights later, Scully and I are stretched out
beside each other, naked. We've just made love for the second time that day, having taken advantage of
Melissa's naptime and also jumped each other as soon
as she was down for the night. We'll be getting up
early tomorrow morning to drive back to San Antonio
and catch a flight home.

"Dana, you know how you practically had to twist my
arm to get me to go on this vacation?" I ask.

"Mmm?" she replies sleepily.

"I think I like this idea. Maybe next year we should
go to DisneyWorld."

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