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"That's correct," Mulder agreed.

"Are familiar with bureau regulations that prohibit
spouses from working in the same division?" Cassidy

"May I say something?" Skinner broke in, speaking for
the first time.

"Of course," Cassidy said.

"When Agent Mulder and Agent Scully worked on the
X-Files, I was their direct superior. They requested a temporary exemption from the policy that prohibits
immediate family members from working in the same
division," Skinner said. "The agents made a compelling case for not being immediately reassigned and I agreed to their request, with the stipulation that they accept reassignment without complaint or appeal at such time as I deemed it necessary. If you have a problem with that, I would suggest you take it up with me."

Cassidy took a deep breath. She turned to the
secretary and said, "Could you ask Agent Scully to
join us, please?"

Scully walked in and sat down beside her husband.
Cassidy said "Good afternoon, Agent Scully."

"Good afternoon, Assistant Director Cassidy."

"We're just trying to clear up what is, apparently, a
misunderstanding," Cassidy said.

"Just for the record, would you please tell us what
your relationship to Agent Mulder is?"

"Agent Mulder and I are married," Scully said. "Prior
to our marriage, and for a brief time thereafter, we
were partners who worked on the X-Files together."

"Was your marriage a. . .secret from other employees
of the bureau, Agent Scully?" Kersch asked.

"I wouldn't use the word 'secret' exactly," Scully
said slowly. "Assistant Director Walter Skinner, who
was our supervisor, was aware of our marriage. So were several other members of the bureau."

"May I have their names, please?" Cassidy inquried.

"Holly Patterson, one of the researchers at
headquarters, has been aware of our marriage for quite some time. Also John Lau, the Special Agent in Charge of the Honolulu Field Office. Agent Mulder and I were under S.A.C. Lau's temporary supervision for over a month while we worked on a case in conjunction with the Honolulu Field Office, and we felt it was only fair that he be made aware of our personal

"Otherwise, no one at the bureau knew of it?" Kirsch

"When A.D. Skinner agreed to our request that we be
allowed to continue working in the same division after our marriage, he asked that we be...discreet,"
Scully said. "For that reason, we didn't wear our
wedding rings during working hours and we refrained
from the normal, er, public displays of affection
common to newlyweds. Neither Agent Mulder nor I have
ever lied to another agent - or to anyone, for that
matter - about the exact nature of our relationship.
On the other hand, I suppose it would be fair to say
that we followed a sort of "Don't ask, don't tell"
policy. Unless a fellow agent or local law enforcement official specifically ASKED us if we were married, we didn't volunteer that information."

"A.D. Skinner, would you mind telling us exactly WHY
you felt it necessary to make an exception from bureau policy for Agents Mulder and Scully?" Kirsch asked.

"As most of you are aware," Skinner said, "the F.B.I.
receives a certain number of requests every year to
investigate certain. . .occurances that are somewhat
outside the parameters of normal bureau business. The
bureau has maintained, on a sporadic basis, a small
division known as the X-Files to investigate said
occurances. Quite frankly, that division has been
opened and closed more frequently than screen door on
a summer day. I simply thought it would be more
prudent to wait until we knew whether or not the
division was going to remain open to reassign Agents
Mulder and Scully. Removing Mulder and Scully from the X-Files and assigning two new agents to that division, only to have to reassign the second pair of agents a few months later, seemed an inefficient use of bureau personnel. As it turns out, the X-Files have, in fact, been deactivated. I can't see that the bureau suffered in anyway from having a pair of related agents work in the same division temporarily."

"The original point of this inquiry was to investigate allegations of improper sexual conduct bewteen Agents Mulder and Scully," Cassidy said.

"Excuse me, ma'am, but am I being reprimanded for
having a sexual relationship with my own husband?"
Scully asked.

Cassidy sighed. "No, of course not, Agent Scully. You
and Agent Mulder are free to go."

Once outside, Mulder turned to Scully with a grin on
his face and held up both hands, palms turned toward
her. Scully smiled and gave him a quick high five.


A week later, Mulder, Chan and Colton were in a sleazy strip joint. It was, actually, business- related. The task force was trying to get a fix on a serial killer who seemed to be working his way northward, preying on hookers and strippers. The way Mulder had it figured, the killer's next stop should be right here in the Washington area.

"We need to designate a driver," Mulder said. "At
least two of us are going to have to drink if we don't want to blow our cover."

"I'll drive," Chan said. "My alcohol tolerance is
pretty low, so I couldn't drink much and still remain
alert anyway."

Mulder tossed his keys to the younger man and said,
"You, too, Colton. I'm not having any agents under my
direction getting busted for D.W.I." Colton grumbled
something under his breath, but slid his keys across
the table.

Mulder drank, glanced occasionally at the girls - none of them nearly as pretty as Scully, some of them
heartbreakingly young - and kept up a constant visual
survey of the room. According to the only would-be
victm to escape alive, the perp was a white male in
his 20s or 30s, average height and weight, long hair
and scraggly mustache. Unfortunately, that description could apply to any of half a dozen men in this club, and probably an equal number in the club he'd sent another three agents to. He'd left the two youngest agents off this paricular assignment.

"Hey, big boy, want to pay a little extra for a lap
dance?" Mulder heard as one of the dancers
propositioned Chan. Chan gave a quick sideways glance
at Mulder, who nodded his head almost imperceptibly.
Chan wasn't drinking, so he had to have some excuse
for being in the club. During the past week, Mulder
had learned that the younger man wasn't married or
involved in any sort of serious romantic relationship, so that wasn't a factor that needed to be considered.

Colton watched with envy, Mulder with indifference,
while the dancer writhed on top of Chan.  "Want to go
out back? I'll give you a blow job for 25 bucks," the
dancer offered.

Before the startled young agent could answer, Mulder
leaned forward, "Go, pay, but pump her for information instead of fun," he whispered in Chan's ear.

Chan nodded and left.

"We just lost our designated driver," Chan slurred.

"He'll be back," Mulder replied.


When the bar closed at two, the three agents stumbled
outside. Colton had drank too much to be of any real
use, but Mulder and Chan watched carefully to see if
any of the dancers were being followed or lured into
vehicles. After 45 minutes, it seemed apparent that
their killer hadn't been working that particular club
on that particular night, so Chan drove the older
agents home. First he droppoed off Colton, then turned to Mulder.

"Where do you live, Agent Mulder?"

"Alexandria; no, I mean Georgetown."

"Which one?" Chan asked, amused.

"Georgetown," Mulder repeated and gave the address.
"It was Scully's place before we got married. I used
to live in Alexandria. I guess we need to buy a house, now that we're having the baby and all."

Chan nodded. Although not totally smashed, the way
Colton had been, it was obvious that Mulder was
slightly muddled. When they reached the apartment
building, Chan went ahead and helped his boss up the

"I am fine," Mulder said, enunciating each word
carefully. "Give me my keys, go home and get some

While Mulder fumbled at the door, a dog started
barking inside. Chan heard a quick rustle of footsteps that came to a stop on the other side of the door, then an amused female voice saying, "It's okay, Elvis. It's only Daddy, home a little later than usual."

Just as Mulder finally inserted the proper key, the
door was opened from the inside. "Hi, lover, are you," Scully began, then caught sight of Chan and blushed. "Oh, hello, Agent Chan. I take it you were the designated driver for tonight's excursion?"

"Yes Ma'am. We, uh," Chan said.

"It's okay, Chan," Mulder said. "Scully knows where
I've been and why. Thanks for the ride home, but I did not need you to walk me to the door. I'm your boss, not your prom date."

"Good night," Chan said.

Scully and Mulder murmured "Good night," in unison and closed the door.


"Yuck, Mulder!" Scully said as soon as the door had
closed. "You smell like you've been in an all-night
poker game with Cancer Man!"

"Can't be helped," Mulder replied. "Trying to catch
garbage, you gotta spend some time at the dump." He
reached for his tie and tried to unknot it.

"Need some help?" Scully asked gently.

"Yeah, probably."

"Have fun?"

"No. I was working. I would have rather been home with you. I was a good boy. I didn't drink and drive and I didn't look at the strippers anymore than absolutely necessary to avoid blowing my cover. They weren't nearly as pretty as you, anyway."

Scully smiled and said, "So what do you want, Mulder,
a merit badge?"

He grinned mischievously and said, "No, I want what
Chan got offered by one of the dancers working the

"And what would that be?"

"A lap dance and a blow job?"

By this time, Scully had managed to get her husband's
tie and jacket off, as well as removing his holster
and weapon. She paused in her task of unbuttoning his

"What's a lap dance?"

"Want me to show you?"

"Sure," she said, popping open the last button and
sliding the shirt off his shoulders.

Mulder, who was suddenly feeling reasonably sober,
brought his hands to the belt of his wife's robe.
"What do you have on under here, anyway?"

"Why don't you open in and find out?"

Mulder tugged the robe off so it fell in a pool at her feet. She was wearing a midnight blue teddy that he'd given her for Christmas a few months earlier.

"Wow, Scully! You must have been anxious for me to
come home!"

"Well, I figured the teddy's not going to fit much
longer. I might as well get some use out of it while I can."

Mulder reached over and grabbed the chair from near
the desk, then sat down in it. He pulled gently on her wrist and said, "Now, you sit down in my lap."

Scully sat with her body at a right angle to Mulder's, both her legs on one side of him and feet crossed primly at the ankles. He chuckled softly and murmured, "No, not like that. Face me, straddle me."

Scully got up and complied. "Like this?" she asked.

"Mmm, exactly. Now you. . .dance. Wiggle on me."

Scully nodded and began rubbing her bottom up and down his thighs. The look on his face and the obvious, growing sign of his arousal encouraged her. After a few moments, she removed her hands from his shoulders and scooted even closer to his erection. She leaned back , placing her hands behind her on his knees. The position thrust her breasts up into his face and brought their centers into contact with each other, albeit through several layers of clothing.

Mulder reached up to touch her breasts. "You look
bigger," he said as he traced her nipples through the
flimsy cloth.

"One of the signs of pregnancy," Scully said gently.
"Swollen breasts."

"Can I use my mouth or are they still tender?"

"Just don't suck too hard and I should be okay."

Mulder lifted her breasts out of the teddy and lightly licked first one, then the other. The feel of his tongue on her skin made Scully squirm even more. She was finding this whole interlude extremely arousing.

"Okay, now I want you to slide down between my legs
and use your mouth," Mulder suggested softly.

Scully nodded and knelt between his open thighs.
Smiling mischieviously, she tugged his zipper down
with her teeth.

Good night! Mulder thought hazily. Where does a nice
Catholic girl get ideas like that? Then he couldn't
think anymore, because Scully was taking his arousal
in her mouth, sucking and licking at him like a

She kept at it until she could taste the first drops
of his impending orgasm. Mulder hadn't really
mentioned if he wanted her to let him come in her
mouth or not. She enjoyed oral sex as a form of
foreplay, but honestly didn't care for it much as an
end to itself, although she'd done it for him a couple of times.


"Don't stop, baby."

"Can't I get back up in your lap? Put you inside me?"

"Oh. Yeah, sure. C'mere." He tugged Scully to her feet and reached for the snap at the crotch of her teddy. He managed to undo it and she gasped at the sensation of his fingers brushing against her core.

Scully sat back down in her husband's lap and impaled
herself on his arousal. He slid all the way in and
began using his strong arms to move his tiny wife up
and down on him. Their climax was virtually

When Scully could speak, she said softly, "Come on,
lover. Let's get you into bed."

They stumbled into the bedroom, where they managed to
remove the remnants of their clothing and snuggled
together under the covers.


The next morning, the assembled members of the task
force noticed that they seemed to be missing their

"Where's Agent Mulder?" asked the lone woman agent.

"Ooooh, my head!" moaned Colton. He was echoed by
another of the agents, who had been at the other club.

"Agent Mulder worked real late last night," Chan

"Except for the two rookies, we ALL worked late last
night," replied the oldest agent on the team.

"Yeah, but none of us had to go home and face the Ice
Queen," Colton said.


"You know. Agent Scully. Mulder may be a bit on the
spooky side, but I still feel sorry for him being
married to her."

"Dr. Scully seemed real sweet the couple of times I've met her," Chan said.

"Are you kidding? That woman acts like she's got
permanent PMS!" snapped Colton.

"Why is it everytime a woman doesn't act like sugar
and spice, men want to blame it on her reproductive
organs?" asked the woman agent.

'Well, if that WAS her problem, I guess being pregnant is alleviating it," Chan said, trying to make peace.

Colton and several of the other agents stared at Chan
in silent amazement. This was the moment Mulder chose
to finally walk in. He was smiling.

"Why so quiet?" he inquired.

"How can you look so chipper after working almost all
night and drinking too?" asked an agent who had
obviously NOT been the designated driver for his part
of the team.

"One of the benefits of being married to a doctor, I
suppose," Mulder said carelessly. "No hangovers." In
truth, his happy mood - despite only four hours of
sleep and at least four mixed drinks the night before
- was indeed due to his wife, but not to her medical
degree. He'd woken up with a raging hard-on and
discovered, to his delight, that Scully finally seemed to be over her morning sickness and was more than willing to accomodate him. Nothing like a
double-header between two and nine a.m. to put a man
in a good mood at work, he thought.


On his way to headquarters, Mulder had stopped and
ordered flowers to be sent to Scully out at Quantico.
No reason, he just enjoyed the fact that he could make such gestures publicly now.

He wasn't particularly surprised when his cell phone
beeped just as he was leaving for lunch.

"Mulder, it's me."

"Hey, Scully."

"Thank you for the flowers. But, um, our anniversary's not 'til next week."

He chuckled. "Do I have to have an excuse to send you
flowers? Can't it just be because I love you?"

"Of course," she said, her voice soft. "They're

"Glad you like them. I should be home at a reasonable
hour this evening. Want to go out to dinner?"

"Sure, but I choose the restaurant."

"Scully, I am deeply wounded. Are you casting
asperations on my ability to arrange a fine dining

"Chaco Chicken, Mulder. Need I say more?"

He laughed. "Okay, sweetheart, okay. Lady's choice

"Just for dinner or all night long?"

"What do you. . .Scully!"

She laughed, murmured "Bye", and hung up.


When Mulder re-entered the conference room after
lunch, the buzz of conversation again came to an
abrupt halt. Several of the agents shot sidelong
glances at him, then suddenly became absorbed in their paperwork.

"Okay, what is it?" Mulder demanded.

"What's, um, what, Agent Mulder?" the team's rookie
agent asked.

"What's going on around here? Everytime I walk into
the room, everybody goes silent all of the sudden.
Obviously, the rumor mill has started again. Believe
me, agents, I'm used to it. Quite frankly, I don't
care whether the scuttlebutt has be dancing with Elvis Presley at an all-night mini-mart or talking to little green men through subliminal messages on my TV screen. However, since it seems to be impeding your ability to focus on the task at hand - serial killers, remember them? - let's have it. Go ahead and tell me the latest asinine rumor, I'll tell you how much truth - if any - there is to it, and we can all get back to work."

There was only silence. Finally, Mulder glanced at
Guillbeau, the oldest of the agents, and said, "Agent
Guillbeau? Want to enlighten me?"

Agent Guillbeau sighed. "There has been a certain
amount of interest in your relationship with your
former partner, Agent Scully."

Mulder was surprised, but his face didn't show it.
"Agent Scully and I are married now. I thought
everyone here was aware of that fact."

"The rumors are that, er," Guillbeau hesistated.

"Go on, Agent Guillbeau," Mulder said. "I know you
didn't start the rumors and, no matter how outlandish
or distasteful they are, I might as well hear them

"Well, there is some speculation that your marriage
was a rushed affair due to your wife's pregnancy."

Mulder swallowed. It hadn't occurred to him that most
of the bureau was hearing of their marriage and
impending parenthood at the same time and might draw
such a conclusion. "I didn't know people still
actually gosspied about things like that. However,
just to set the record straight, we've been married
for almost a year. We were granted a temporary
exemption from the policy that prohibits married
couples from working as partners, so we could finish
up some on-going cases in the X-Files. One of the
conditions of the exemption was that we remain
discreet about the change in our personal
relationship, so it wasn't general knowledge among
other bureau employees that we were married. We only
found out about the baby a couple of weeks ago. Any
more questions?"

When no one said anything, he clicked on the slide
projector and flipped off the lights. "Okay, then.
Back to work."

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