The Mother Shipton Prophecies cover predictions for the next 1000 years. Granted most of us will be somewhere else several centuries prior to many them. However, there are many that have recently transpired and many more that pertain to the next few decades. Recent ones are:

The space shuttle disaster
Life found on Mars
The plan to return and put a base on the Moon
The plan to send men to Mars

What is in the near future?

An economic boom
Use of nuclear weapons
An economic collapse
Severe food shortages and pandemics
Twenty-three ships go to the Moon in the 30's and 20 arrive with 2400 colonists
World War III from 2007-2011
Terrible earthquake and volcanic activity that wipes out much
of civilization making the United States to resemble the surface of the Moon


Austin predicts that neither the 2008 nor 2012 Olympics will be held.

WW3 has nothing to do with America, initially, but will
be initiated by China when Russia is perceived to be weak. There will be
expansionist moves in all directions. Japan then faces a dilemma having
foresworn militarism; to fight or not to fight. They call upon
trilateralist supporters in America and thus USA is drawn into the war. China
makes the mistake of thinking she can defeat Russia, which has seen it all
before. America and Russia must then defeat China at sea, in the skies,
in space and on the land. They are over stretched. The USA calls upon her
allies, who disagree among themselves, bringing chaos to the EU and
revolution in France. Refugees in Asia sweep westwards. Australia adopts a
protectionist stance and seals her borders with policy of shoot on sight.
A huge civilian volunteer force assists the airforce, navy and army. India
must deal with China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Pakistan. And so on and so
forth. An oil crisis immediately ensues and the Stock Exchanges go belly up. Gold
goes to $1000. Platinum is unobtainable even at $3000 and ounce. Do you
want to hear more? These are just the beginnings of

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Arthur C. Clarke comments
Arthur C. Clarke Predicts

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On this website you will see at least five different species of large animals alive on Mars. The Marbra was discovered and named by Anthony Austin of Black Rabbit Press. Tony is author of 'Return To Mars', 'Draco: the Tenth Planet', and 'Mother Shipton: the Missing Prophecies' & 'The Valley of Eden'