The Plot Thickens

Several less popular search engines return the angelfire site and a couple return the site. It could be that they missed the fact that there are two virtually identical websites. Mars-mania is the one that has the high traffic. That is very confusing. How does the website with 60 hits a day show up and the one with 1600 hits a day does not show up at all? Well, angelfire with PART 30 and the secret PART 31 were listed on a BBS and in less than 20 emails. Although Part 30 was listed on the main pages of both websites only on Friday night, by Tuesday afternoon the search engines were all returning angelfire on the first page. This was after 30 days of not showing up at all in top 1000 links on the two most popular ones. Could it be that the fact that other governments are monitoring this site and might be wondering why after I drew attention to these facts, why some group would be playing games to subdue the dissemination of what is on this site? Nobody to my knowledge has committed suicide over the images and information on this site. The Brookings Report is obviously out of date. All I can say is the plot thickens.

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