A Marbra under attack?

There is also another Marbra(was incorrectly labeled crab) quite similar except there appears to be something munching on the top of it. Could that be its blood spewed out on the landscape? I think it looks like a piranha. When you print it out on quality photo paper you can almost make out the eyes on the predator. Link: http://www.msss.com/moc_gallery/e07_e12/images/E11/E1100717.html



MER Site:Marbra attacked?

MER Site:Marbra attacked?

MSSS Site: Marbra

The Marbra was discovered and named by Anthony Austin of Black Rabbit Press. Tony is author of 'Return To Mars', 'Draco: the Tenth Planet', and 'Mother Shipton: the Missing Prophecies' - all available from Amazon .com

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